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Saturday, May 29, 2021

When the stomach is heavy

When the stomach is heavy

The common Nepali problem is gastric. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is one of the common causes of gastric ulcer. Not only gastric but also many stomach problems. After all, what causes stomach problems? How to avoid it?

Chew properly

The thing we neglect the most while eating is chewing food. Eating nutritious, fresh food alone does not make you healthy. It is also important to eat properly to stay healthy. The first condition is to chew properly.

It should be swallowed only after playing food in the mouth and chewing it well. That is, solid food should be chewed and swallowed only by making it soft and juicy. Swallowing in this way facilitates digestion. It is said that we have 32 teeth and we have to chew any food 32 times. This means that the food should be chewed smoothly.

But, now we are in a hurry. We do not chew food properly. We swallow quickly. According to nutritionists, it is important to pay full attention to any food you eat. You should not pay attention elsewhere while eating. Food should be eaten slowly, comfortably, with taste. Eating this way does not cause stomach or digestive problems.

Let's not eat more than hunger

Our tendency is to eat more than we need if we have sweet and savory food. In most cases, we eat more than we are hungry. Eating too many foods at once affects the digestive process. Food does not digest well. Stomach problems. Similarly, according to Ayurveda, food should be eaten at least five hours apart between two meals. That is, the next meal should be eaten only after the first meal is well digested.

Artificial sweeteners should be avoided

Now we have a habit of eating a variety of dishes. Such sweets are also plentiful in the market. While this type of artificial sweetener also affects digestion.

Let's reduce gas

Bananas or other carbonated drinks fill the body with gas. Instead of carbonated drinks, fresh fruit juice, sarvat, yogurt, mohi, etc. are very useful.

Monday, January 18, 2021

When the stomach is upset

When the stomach is upset

The digestive system converts food into energy. We can walk, walk, play, jump, jump, work. If the digestive system is bad, we cannot stay healthy and fit.

When the digestive system is not healthy, stomach ache, vomiting, gastric, and epilepsy usually occur. But, this alone is not enough. Frequent stomach problems can cause serious illness in the body.

Body odor

When our digestive system is bad. Or does not touch the food. Then toxins accumulate in the body. No matter how you know it, the body stinks. Sweat or any part of the body smells bad. From this, it should be understood that the digestive system is bad.

Skin problems

As the digestive system weakens, so does the skin. There are various skin problems. If the digestive system is good, the skin will glow, there will be no blemishes, there will be no rash However, when the digestive system is damaged, these problems appear at once.

Bad breath

Bad breath is a common problem. Mouth odor is caused by not cleaning the mouth and teeth properly. However, stomach problems also cause bad breath. If there is bad breath even after brushing or cleaning the mouth, the stomach is bad.

Hair loss

There are many causes of hair loss. But, one of them is also stomach upset. When the digestive system is bad, the body lacks essential nutrients. It also affects the hair.

Nails become weak

If the digestive system is bad for a long time, it affects the body as well as the nails. When the digestive tract is damaged, body waste cannot be excreted. This causes some problems. One of them is breaking nails and becoming weak.

How to keep the digestive system healthy?

To keep the digestive system healthy, one should pay attention to food and lifestyle. If the digestive system is strong, all the food eaten is well digested. The body absorbs the nutrients in these foods. The body is healthy and fit.

To keep the digestive system healthy and strong, one should pay attention to food. Eating too much is not good for the digestive system. That is, spices used, fried in oil, meat-based, dairy products become a burden for the stomach. Processed foods are also not good for the stomach. Such foods should be controlled. Digestive food should be consumed. Fiber-rich foods like vegetables, radishes, fruits keep the stomach clean. Strengthens

Similarly, to strengthen the digestive system, the body must be kept active. Some exercises and yogasanas directly affect the digestive system.

- Let's eat only at the right time according to the eating schedule. The habit of eating at any time affects the digestive system.

- Food should be eaten only as much as the body needs. Eating junk food makes your stomach heavy.

- Sit comfortably while eating. Stay in the right posture. This helps your digestive system to function properly.

- Stimulate the digestive fire. That is, take a piece of ginger and mix lemon juice in it. Add a little salt. It is easily digested no matter how rich and heavy you eat.

-According to Ayurveda, the proper and regular routine should be followed to keep the digestive system healthy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be done at the right time.

-Do not sleep immediately after dinner. Have a light meal at night. Eat nutritious food in the morning.