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What is the home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food?

What is the home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food?

Greasy, spicy food is not easily digested. On the one hand, many greasy dishes, even if you don't feel hungry, you have to eat them many times. This kind of food will spoil the stomach. Some have indigestion and some have diarrhea. Some of them may have flatulence, some of them may be suffering from gastritis.

What to do in such a situation? How to fix the stomach? Are there any home remedies?

Glutinous food upsets the stomach

Consuming too much greasy food makes it difficult for the body to digest that greasy substance. After not eating properly, problems such as stomach bloating, sour water in the mouth and stomach pain and burning may appear. If you eat foods that contain a lot of fat even during the festival, such common problems related to digestion are seen.

If a lot of greasy food is consumed for a long time, gastric problems, fat accumulation in the liver, 'fatty liver', cholesterol increase and heart problems can also be seen.

Home remedies for flatulence

Drinking cold water is the most effective home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food. The problem of flatulence will be reduced if you lightly fry the jawano and chew it and drink lukewarm water. Zwano provides some relief by cutting the fat accumulated in the stomach. Zwano can be consumed by cooking it in water.

In addition, consumption of cumin powder and lukewarm water also reduces the problem of flatulence. Boiling bire salt and water and consuming it soothes a bloated stomach. Consuming lemon water also reduces this problem.

How effective are home remedies?

Home remedies are more effective for the problem of flatulence caused by eating too much greasy food during the festival. These home remedies can be used as a first aid when the stomach is bloated due to eating too much greasy food. If such a problem is seen for a long time, other treatment should be done, but if such a problem is seen in a short period of time, home remedies are also effective.

How and how much?

If the stomach is upset, 1 to 2 grams of jawano, bire salt or cumin should be taken with water. Since this problem appears after eating too much greasy food, it is better to take these medicines after the meal rather than before the meal.

Zwano, cumin, lemon and bire salt help to digest the food properly by improving the digestive capacity. As a result, the problem of flatulence is reduced. Therefore, such home remedies should be consumed after meals.

Diet that burdens the stomach

Since the stomach is bloated due to too much greasy food, it is advisable not to eat food fried in oil at this time. Junk food and packet food should not be consumed from outside. These foods contain more salt, castor oil and stale oil, which can cause more problems.

Consumption of alcohol and cold drinks can also increase the problem. Therefore, cold drinks like alcohol and coke should not be consumed. At this time, you should eat simple and balanced food. In addition to eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, you should eat fiber-rich foods.

Risk of flatulence

Gastric, stomach ache, constipation, heartburn problems appear when the stomach is full. If this problem continues for a long time due to the consumption of fatty foods, cholesterol may increase and fat may accumulate in the liver.

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