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``Toothpick'' consumption of two crores in a year

``Toothpick'' consumption of two crores in a year

Fish and meat are eaten a lot during festivals like Dashain. The problem after eating fish and meat is entanglement in the teeth. At this time, there is a common tendency for small children to grind their teeth.

Also, not only when eating fish and meat, but also on other days after eating, there is a habit of brushing teeth. The latest data of the customs department shows how expensive this habit seems to be.

The statistics show that in the current financial year, Nepalese have cut their teeth with 2 crore 53 lakh 52 thousand rupees. In other words, a total of 84 thousand 387 kg of zinc has been consumed from abroad.

While dentists say, 'It is not appropriate to cut teeth in this way. It weakens the teeth.

So, how to remove the food stuck in the teeth? What can be the correct method?

Dentist Dr. Biplav Adhikari says, 'As far as possible, sinko should not brush his teeth. By brushing in this way, the gums become sore, dry, and become sore, and dirt accumulates in the teeth. There is a risk of cavities in the teeth and germs remaining in them.

A toothpick can break on a tooth

Some such problems have also been seen that a toothpick breaks and gets stuck in the gum of the tooth. They go to the doctor when they can't get rid of synco no matter what they do.

"In this case, RCT or tooth extraction may be necessary" Dr. Officer says.

Some people do not remove such zinc stuck in their teeth. When it starts to cause problems gradually, other complications can be added. According to the official. He says, ``Cinco stuck in the space between the teeth causes problems such as infection, other food also gets stuck there,'' he says.

How to remove food stuck in the teeth?

After eating any food, it is advisable to rinse thoroughly with clean water, brush your teeth with your fingers or brush gently. Officer's suggestion. If food gets stuck in the teeth, you can use dental floss or an interdental brush to remove the food.

Dental floss is a method of removing food from the corners of the teeth with a thread. It is different from ordinary thread. Officials say. Such thread does not break or break easily.

An interdental brush can also be used, which is smaller than other brushes.

After flossing, it is advisable to rinse the teeth with warm salted water. By rinsing in this way, the swollen gums will heal and there is no risk of infection.

You can always carry dental floss with you. Inter dental brush can be used twice a day. Both of these things are easily available at dental clinics, medical or department stores. Dr. According to the official, the habit of flossing after eating food can reduce dental problems by 90 percent.

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