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Take these measures if you have a fever

Take these measures if you have a fever

What to do if you suddenly have fever? How effective can home remedies such as draining water be? Is it possible to eat Cetamol without consulting a doctor? Many people may be curious.

Because most of them are bedridden due to dengue. They are saying that they have to face high fever due to dengue infection. Also, even if there is no dengue, fever occurs in most cases. What to do in case of fever, what not to do. Edited excerpt of Manisha Thapa's conversation with Lochan Karki:

Now there is an outbreak of dengue, it is heard that many people are suffering from high fever. What to do if you have a sudden fever?

There are various causes of fever. Fever is the main symptom of diseases like dengue, Pinas, chest problem, typhoid, scrub typhus, viral fever, covid. If the fever is accompanied by a cold, yellow phlegm, it can also be pneumonia.

Recent symptoms like high fever, eyeball pain, stomach ache, vomiting can be dengue. As soon as the fever occurs, it is important to understand what caused it. The first treatment for fever is to take Cetamol. After that, other first aid measures such as measuring the body temperature can be done.

Is it possible to adopt a home remedy for draining water?

Even after taking Cetamol after fever, if the fever is higher than 104 degrees, then you can apply water bandage as a home remedy. But it is necessary to know the method. It is not just about wearing a bandana on the head. Water should be applied from head to armpit, feet and hands as well.

What other home remedies can be used to treat high fever?

The patient should not be placed in a coma. The room should have windows or ventilation, which helps to reduce the body temperature. Do not apply thick thick vinegar. Thin vinegar or blanket should be covered.

There is a tendency to eat paracetamol. Is it possible to take Cetamol without asking the doctor?

If the fever is above 100 when measured in the armpit, you can take Cetamol even without consulting a doctor. As its side effects are less compared to other medicines, this medicine can be taken easily. But other antibiotics should be consulted before taking them.

It is not enough to cure fever by taking Cetamol, the cause should be found out.

If it could be eaten, what would be its quantity and method?

How much Cetamol to take depends on the body of the person. A person weighing 60 to 70 kg can take one and a half to two pills of 500 mg at a time. People who weigh more than that need two pills. If you have a fever, you can take Cetamol at intervals of 6 or 8 hours. If the fever gradually decreases, its consumption can be stopped.

How much Cetamol to feed children?

If the child has fever and is less than one month old, 10 to 15 mg of paracetamol per kg of body weight can be given. It should be given 4 to 6 hours apart. Children up to 12 years of age should be given the same amount at intervals of 6 to 8 hours.

Do you take Cetamol because you are taking medicine for other diseases?

Side effects of Cetamol are reduced. But there is also an overdose. Liver patients should not take Cetamol. If you have to eat, you should eat less than 6 grams a day. Other patients consider it safe to eat.

What kind of food should be eaten at this time?

When fever occurs, the whole body becomes weak. Since the digestive system is also weak, it is difficult to digest food that takes time to digest. So eat digestible food. You should eat hot food like jaulo, khichdi, soup. It is better not to eat foods that are difficult to digest, such as fish, meat, eggs, and legumes. Similarly, you should not eat greasy, bitter food.

Is there any food that helps control fever?

Food alone does not control fever. Prefer light foods and digestible foods provide strength to the body during fever. Citamol plays a major role in controlling fever.

How much is the average temperature considered normal?

A body temperature of up to 98.6 degrees Celsius is considered normal. If it is higher than that, it means fever. However, 99 degrees Fahrenheit at night can be considered normal. A temperature greater than 103 degrees Fahrenheit is considered high fever.

In which case of fever should you go to the hospital?

The patient has difficulty breathing along with fever. You should go to the hospital immediately if you are having constant vomiting, diarrhea, can't walk, can't eat, blood pressure is dropping.

What to do if the fever does not decrease?

If the fever does not go down even after taking medicine and applying bandages, you have to go to the hospital. If you keep it at home when you have a high fever, there may be other risks. If there is uncontrollable fever, sometimes injections may also be given. The reason has to be found.

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