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How does one live a long life?

How does one live a long life?

People are afraid of death. Death is certain, but people want to live as long as possible. Therefore, people have done many researches and studies on 'how to live a long life' and have also taken out possible solutions for it.

How do people live longer? What is the formula of longevity?

According to the report issued by the 15th Periodic Plan, the average life expectancy of Nepalis is about 70 years. However, some of them have passed this age and lived to around 100 years. Like Satya Mohan Joshi. Centenarian Satya Mohan Joshi lived for 103 years. The main thing is that he remained healthy and fit until the latter part of his life.

Similarly, National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire passed 100 years. He died at the age of 101. He was strong until shortly before his death. Another example is journalist Bhairav ​​Risal. He celebrated his 95th birthday some time ago. Although he has relaxed a bit in recent times, journalist Risal is not seen to be affected by 'old age'. If you search in the society, you will find such characters, who are living a healthy life around the age of 100 years.

After all, how can someone live long? How do you stay strong and healthy throughout your life?

It is said that what kind of food people eat, what kind of lifestyle they adopt, what kind of thinking they do, what kind of social behavior or behavior they embrace determines their lifespan.

The secret to longevity

Japanese citizens are at the forefront of longevity. In addition, the residents of Okinawa, an island in Japan, live the longest. There has been a lot of research into how they lived so long and it has brought out some common threads.

Like, their hereditary qualities. It has been found in studies that his hereditary qualities also have a meaning in how long a person lives. One of the reasons why Okinawans live so long is their hereditary qualities. But this is not enough. Various studies have concluded that factors such as diet, lifestyle, thinking and social behavior can also reduce the life expectancy of people.

It is said that what kind of food people eat, what kind of lifestyle they adopt, what kind of thinking they do, what kind of social behavior or behavior they embrace determines their lifespan.

Like, some common features are found in the lifestyles of Bhairav ​​Risal to the late Satyamohan Joshi, Madhav Ghimire. Simple food, simple living, active routine. Their thinking and social life are also exemplary. Like, always be happy, satisfied, curious and hopeful. Integrate with society.

Let's talk about Bhairav ​​Risal. He never looks tired and depressed. Even at this stage of life, Risal is as active, curious and playful as a child. Waking up early in the morning, washing one's face with cold water after waking up, exercising and going to work with completeness are his special qualities.

Satya Mohan Joshi was active throughout his life. He used to eat normal pulses, did not make any fuss, always had the same routine, often walked, slept soundly.

Madhav Prasad Ghimire, while talking about long life with Online News, said, "One should be happy to live a long life." You have to be creative to be happy. Engage yourself in some creative work. Being creative doesn't mean you have to write poetry or stories. Whatever you do, it should be creative.

He ate little, had a regular meal schedule, kept his body active, thought positively and was always in harmony with society.

Diet and lifestyle are important

Ayurveda has given importance to three things for a healthy life, diet, vihara and thought. Proper diet, routine and thinking make people healthy. Modern medical science has also confirmed this.

Doctors say, 'Food is the first condition for getting or not getting any disease. If you eat right, balanced, digestible, fresh food properly, you will not get sick. Dieticians consider right food as medicine. They say, 'Our kitchen is the treasure of the whole health. If the right food is done in the right way at the right time, that is the best health.

Along with this, the routine they adopt is also important. It is said that if the schedule of waking up, sleeping, eating, sitting and resting is regular, it will always keep the body healthy, fit and active.

Along with diet and routine, people's mental health and social life are also considered important. Senior Neurosurgeon Dr. Upendra Devkota used to say, 'Being healthy is not just a healthy body. There are four conditions for this, physical, mental, spiritual and social. If all these things are balanced and correct, any person is considered healthy. Being healthy is the reason for long life.

A balance between rest and activity is essential: Physician

The body is also a kind of machine, so the body should be purified for a healthy and long life. To be healthy, first of all, you should pay attention to your diet. If we pay attention to food, the risk of disease in our body will be reduced. Vishwaraj Dawadi says.

The body needs rest. So sleeping eight hours a day is also good from the point of view of health. Dawadi says that if we do exercise, yoga and meditation along with diet and sleep, our body will be healthy and we can live a long life.

Psychologist Vinod Paudel says - A person who is mentally and physically healthy can live a healthy and long life. There is no two opinions on this matter.

Yoga, Pranayama and Natural Lifestyle

Chairman of Nepal Sanskrit University Yoga and Natural Medicine Subject Committee Dr. Hariprasad says, 'People have traveled for millions of years and we have reached here. Our 'Jin' is also responsible for being healthy or not due to genetic reasons. The genetic character in the gin begins to influence our longevity.

According to him, according to a research conducted in the United States, more than 160 types of 'foreign chemicals' artificial chemicals have been found in the human body. Those external chemicals, various chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture, various chemicals used in fast food and junk food have entered the body. Pokharel says that such things also greatly affect our healthy and long life.

He says, 'For a healthy and long life, more emphasis should be placed on natural foods, as little processed food as possible, junk food and packet food should be reduced or stopped.'

He says that increasing physical activity through yoga, pranayama and meditation will give you a long life.

Now people are going through a lot of stress. Yoga and meditation can be used to manage stress. Pokharel says that diet, lifestyle, exercise and stress management are important for longevity.

mental health

Psychologist Vinod Poudel says that people who are happy in small things, manage stress easily, take everything easy, are healthy not only mentally, but also physically. A person who is mentally and physically healthy can live a healthy and long life. There are no two opinions on this matter,' he says.

Various studies have shown that people who get angry even over small things and are always under stress have health problems such as heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. As soon as the disease makes a home in the body, the life expectancy of a person will decrease. Therefore, a person who can manage stress, does not panic in happiness and does not panic in sadness is healthy and has the possibility of living for a long time, says Paudel.

6 places in the world, where people live more than 100 years

Nicoya in the Central American country of Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria, Okinawa in Japan and Linda in the state of California in the United States are such places, which scientists call "Blue Zone". The age of the people living in these places is more than the people of the rest of the world. They live more than a hundred years.

There is not only one secret to the longevity of people living in the Blue Zone, there are many. They eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Regular physical labor or work. They also develop spiritual qualities in themselves.

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