Monday, October 10, 2022

"They gave me food, what's wrong with you?"

"They gave me food, what's wrong with you?"

Oh, he is happy! What is he missing? We are seeing so many beautiful photos on Facebook.

Judging by outward behavior makes it easier for us to comment on others and even more enjoyable to gossip with friends.

I don't think we Nepalis are that much aware about mental health. But in the current changing situation, from children to the elderly, everyone has become a victim of mental illness.

Millions of people are suffering from mental illness from the time of this Corona period to the present time. Mental illness is a terrible disease and people are forced to commit suicide due to this disease. Statistics show that 875 people committed suicide during the Corona period alone.

Mental illness is a complex issue and it is not wise to take it lightly. But to be honest, I have not seen mental illness as a serious issue in our society.

Let's talk more specifically about adolescence.

He has given me food, he has given me a place to live, he has given me education in a good school and college, he has done everything. What are you worried about?

Such an expression is commonly heard. But no one knows what is going on in the minds of young children.

Nowadays, social media is also having a great impact on mental health. Because social media is an addiction. It is difficult for people to spend a day without looking at social media.

Excessive use of social media not only reduces the quality of our sleep, but also affects our mental health. As a result of which we fall prey to depression, loneliness etc.

Not everything we see on social media is true, but there content is presented in such a way that we think it is all true. In fact, it is only our illusion.

It is very unhealthy to compare your lifestyle with the lifestyle of others. Such a habit also increases negative thinking along with increasing jealousy and resentment.

We can't even imagine that our self-confidence is decreasing so much with more use of social media.

Mental health is as important as our physical health. So it is very important to take care of it. By developing a positive mindset along with a balanced diet, yoga and exercise, our mental health gradually improves.

Instead of using social media, we can keep our mental health healthy to a great extent by reading good books, practicing yoga regularly, researching books on world-famous personalities and doing experimental work for our personality development.

Happy World Mental Health Day celebrated every year on October 10th!

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