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This is how you can fill out the EDV form at home

This is how you can fill out the EDV form at home

The United States of America has also opened the EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) lottery for the year 2024. To apply for this, a long crowd is now seen in various cyber, photo shops etc. Even though the EDV form can be filled for free, such shops have been filling the form by taking voluntary money from people.

From this, it has been started to analyze various cyber security risks from misuse of users' details. Recently, the American Embassy in Nepal has issued a notice and requested not to be tempted by any consultancy or other organizations as the DV application is free.

Here's the way

- Go to the official website of the US Department of State. In this website, how to fill the DV, what kind of photos are required to fill the DV and what information is required.

- Scroll a little on the screen and click on 'Begin Entry' written inside the green box.

- After this enter the given authentication code and submit

First section

- A form to fill in your personal details will open. Write your last name first in the blank space in number one. Then write your name.

-finally like your middle name; Write the names of Bahadur, Kumar, Kumari, Prasad, Devi, Raj etc.

-If you don't have a middle name, click on the 'No Middle Name' option in the small box there.

Second section

- Reveal your gender in two numbers.

The third section

- In the third number, mention your date of birth in English. Write the month first. Then write the date and finally the year.

Fourth Section

- Put the name of the city where you were born in number four. Note, here you do not mention the name of the district, country or province where you were born. Here mention the name of your place of birth, toll or city.

Fifth Section

- Mention the name of your country in number five.

Sixth Section

- Click on the 'S' option in the question whether your country is eligible for the DV program or not.

Seventh Section

- Go to number seven and go to 'Choose new photo' option and upload your photo. Your photo should be square. Its pixels should be 600*600 or 1200*1200. Also, the background of the photo should be white.

The Eighth Section

- In number eight, various questions have been asked about your mailing address. Out of which, the initial option 'in care of' is not filled in. This can be used if you want to give the address of someone other than you. After this go to option 'B' and mention the address to receive your letter.

Option 'C' is also given for other address, where you can mention any other address or not, it doesn't matter.

- After this mention the name of your city in option 'D'.

- After this, write the name of your district and put the postal code at the end. For this you can go to Google and see the postal code of your location. Or click on 'No Postal Code' option.

- After this mention your country name again.

- In number 9 also mention the name of the country you are currently living in. If you are outside the country then mention your country name in this option

- Write your phone number in the tenth number and your email address in the eleventh number.

- In number 12, choose your educational qualification.

- In number 13, click on one of the various options on whether you are married or not or on the status of your married life.

- At number 14, you should mention about your children. If you are single or have no children, you can leave this box blank.

- If you are single then the process of filling your DV form ends here. Finally click on 'Continue' option.

After this confirm whether your details are correct or not and submit. If you are married, after clicking on the 'Continue' option, another form will open, where you have to mention the details of your husband or wife.

After doing this, your application process is complete. You should keep the 'confirmation number' available at the end. You can use this number to understand what happened with your application process.

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