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If the ear mesh is pierced, how much is avoided on its own, and how much surgery is required

If the ear mesh is pierced, how much is avoided on its own, and how much surgery is required

In the inner layer of the ear there is a mesh, through which we hear sound. If this lattice is torn or there is any problem in it, the hearing will be weak. But we don't care so much about something so sensitive. We are doing everything from waxing the ear to putting oil in the ear, which can cause a hole in the eardrum.

What happens after the ear mesh is pierced? What complications does this cause? Nose, Ear, Throat specialist Dr. Edited excerpt from conversation with Arun Casey:

What is the function of the eardrum? In what condition does this happen?

There is a mesh in the middle of the ear. The outer part of the ear that carries outside sound inside. When sound enters the ear, the eardrum vibrates. This vibration gives a signal to the brain. As the sound reaches the brain through the eardrum, its main function is to help hear the sound.

How sensitive is the eardrum?

The eardrum is very sensitive. Because the ear is our sense, through it we hear sound. Since we hear sound with the help of the mesh in the ear, if there is any problem with it, it directly affects the hearing.

In which case the hole in the ear net?

Frequent ear infections can lead to ear holes. When there is an infection, fluid begins to collect behind the curtain, and the pressure causes a hole in the curtain. Also, due to trauma due to injury, ear mesh hole occurs.

Often we cut our ears, does it make a hole in the mesh?

As soon as the ear itches, we use air bird, sinka, etc. to coat the ear, which can also cause a hole in the ear. People don't know where the eardrum is and piercing the ear with a sharp object can cause a hole in the eardrum.

Children are put oil in their ears, how correct is this?

The practice of putting oil in children's ears has no benefit. Using oil in the ear increases the risk of various infections. People who put oil in their ears may experience problems such as ear infections, itching and watery ears.

If a person with a pierced ear puts oil in the ear, the oil can penetrate deeper and cause an infection. Therefore, it is advisable not to put oil in the ear.

What happens if the eardrum is torn?

If there is a hole in the eardrum, it affects the ability to hear. After a hole in the curtain, the ability to hear becomes weak. If this problem occurs, problems such as water flowing from the ear and pus may also appear.

Does it go away on its own after tearing the eardrum? Or need some treatment?

There are two main reasons for a ruptured eardrum. Due to frequent infections in the first ear and injuries in the second ear. If the eardrum is torn due to injury, it will be removed on its own. But if the ear is torn due to infection many times, the chance of the mesh being removed by itself is very low. In that case, surgery should be done.

What is the risk of infection after tearing the eardrum?

The risk of infection is high after tearing the eardrum. Due to frequent infections, the eardrum ruptures and after the eardrum ruptures, the risk of infection to the inside of the ear increases.

Do you have to remove the ear net or leave it as is?

If the ear mesh is torn due to frequent ear infections, the mesh cannot be removed by itself, it should be removed. If the mesh is torn due to an injury, it will gradually heal itself even if it is left alone.

What kind of treatment should be done to avoid ear mites?

The only treatment method to avoid earwax is surgical earwax removal. It is not possible to treat it by taking medicine.

How risky is the surgery to avoid the ear mesh? How long does it take?

There are two types of ear mesh removal surgery. If the eardrum is torn, simple surgery to remove the eardrum is not very risky. During this operation, the patient can be sent home on the same day after removing the ear mesh without making him unconscious.

If the bone along with the ear mesh is worn or rotten due to infection, it is a bit risky to remove the bone and place the mesh. But speaking of time, it cannot be said that both surgeries take the same amount of time. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, the doctor and the patient, it may take different time.

If ear mesh surgery is not done, what can be its effect?

If ear mesh surgery is not done in time, its complications will increase. Hearing ability decreases. Due to the rupture of the eardrum, the infection in the ear may spread and reach the brain. In addition, pus accumulates in the brain, the mouth becomes crooked, and the ability to hear is completely lost.

What should be done to protect the ear mesh?

To protect the ear mesh, you should keep the ears as dry and clean as possible, do not blow your nose when you have a cold, do not use sharp things to clean the ears, and do not put oil in the ears.

Similarly, when feeding the baby, do not lie down and feed him, but only lift him up a little bit and feed him. Avoid loud noises, protect the ears from injury, if any type of ear infection is noticed, you should go to the hospital immediately and seek the advice of a doctor.

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