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What to do if the stomach is flat and upset?

What to do if the stomach is flat and upset?

During the festival, many people may have stomach upset due to the sweet food. Especially fried, fried and spicy foods are not easily digested in the stomach. Such foods cause upset stomach. There are problems like bloating, diarrhea and gas. What kind of stomach problems are caused by diet? What is the treatment method?

Gastric with festive food

The main cause of gastritis is poor diet. Gastric problems also occur due to stress, anxiety and taking some medicines. Also, during the festive season, eating more fatty foods is more likely to cause gastric problems. There is no time to eat during the festival.

If you don't eat on time and eat too much greasy food, gastric problems appear.

Gastric complications

In case of gastric, from simple problems to very complex problems may appear. Consuming too much greasy food can affect our intestines and cause more acid production.

Gastric can cause bloating, nausea, belching, heartburn, stomach ulcers, perforation, infection, ulcers and even cancer.

What is the treatment?

What to do to prevent gastritis is more important than what to do with gastritis. Therefore, special attention should be paid to food to prevent gastric. You should not eat fried, fried and very greasy food, you should eat on time.

If you have gastric, drink plenty of water. Do not eat junk food, packet food, eat home-made food. Cloves, fennel seeds and ripe bananas can also be consumed. Cloves and bananas can reduce gastric problems. Antacid sachets can also be consumed after consulting a doctor.


During the festival, many patients come to the hospital with gastric problems. Since he already has gastric problems, he consumes more greasy, bitter and spicy food at this time and comes to the hospital with serious stomach ache. Most of the patients who come to emergency come with gastric problems.

Chronic stomach problems

Gastric effect caused by festive food lasts for a long time. If any disease is left untreated, it becomes more complicated. During the festival, eating too much fatty food can cause gastritis and ulceration in the intestine, which can lead to ulcers and even cancer.

What kind of food?

A balanced diet should be taken to reduce gastric problems. You should eat something from time to time without staying hungry for a long time. Do not eat too much salty, greasy, burnt food. If you don't drink alcohol, smoke and include more green vegetables and fruits in your diet, this problem will gradually decrease.

People with gastric should drink plenty of water. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and eat fiber-rich foods. You should eat low-fat foods and home-made foods. Do not eat very hot food. It does not mean that fatty foods should not be eaten, but they can be eaten in the necessary amount.

Effects of alcohol and cold drinks

Consuming alcohol and cold drinks can also cause gastric problems. It is better not to consume alcohol and cold drinks as they increase the amount of acid in the stomach and cause gastric problems.

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