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Can't you put sweets in your mouth because you have diabetes?

Can't you put sweets in your mouth because you have diabetes?

Sweets are the special dish of Tihar. Sweets like laddoos, raspberry, barfi and other sweets such as sellroti, phini, zhiniya, anrasa are present in every household.

You can't eat these mouth-watering sweets with confidence. Because of the high sugar content, it is feared that eating a lot of sweets will cause some health problems. Such fear is more for people with diabetes.

Is it possible to eat sweets in diabetes? If you have to eat it, is there any quantity?

Sweets in diabetes

Having more sugar in the body than normal is called diabetes. In such a situation, eating sweets or sugary sweets will increase the amount of sugar in the body. Whether it's a spoonful of sugar or four pieces of candy, it's high in calories. It harms people with diabetes. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat sweets as much as possible.

Don't put sweets in your mouth?

It is also said that people with diabetes should not put sweets in their mouths. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat it at all, you shouldn't put it in your mouth. Sometimes the mood moves or friends feed, then you have to eat. In this way, a little bit is eaten to sweeten the mouth. When eating sweets, it is best to reduce carbohydrates as much as possible and do physical activity or exercise.

Can you eat sweets in an interesting way?

Some are greedy for sweets. Some people get excited when they say meat, some people get excited when they say curd and milk. Similarly, some people cannot stop themselves when they see sweets. In general, it is not difficult to eat sweets. But if you have diabetes, you should not eat sweets. If you eat sweets like this, the amount of sugar in the body can increase rapidly and you may even faint. Some even need to be admitted to the ICU. It can cause problems in the eyes, nerves and kidneys in the long run.

Sugar-free sweets

If you have diabetes, you can eat sugar free sweets. Especially sweets that are low in fat and sugar are eaten. Such sweets are also available in the market. However, just because it is sugar free does not mean that you should eat it indiscriminately.

Also, some people say that they should not eat what is called sugar free. This is just a waste. Sugar free is low in calories.

Celroti and kheer will have an effect?

This is also a question that comes to many people's minds. Selroti was baked on Tihar. There is also a custom of eating cel roti. However, since these are sugary foods, they are not good for diabetics. Selroti made with little sugar is not harmful if eaten in a controlled quantity.

Be careful when eating sweets

During festivals like Tihar, you can eat some sweets to sweeten your mouth. Because eating occasionally does not do much harm. Along with this, other things should be balanced. Like eating light food, not drinking or smoking, exercising, getting enough sleep. In this way, everything is balanced when the right lifestyle is adopted.

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