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Psychiatrist Says, 'Gambler's Bottom Makes Terrible Psychopaths'

Psychiatrist Says, 'Gambler's Bottom Makes Terrible Psychopaths'

During Dashain, there is a custom of playing taas for entertainment. Even those who have never touched Tas now dream to play. It is a good thing to enjoy playing Tas when everyone is meeting relatives, friends and relatives.

But what's worse is when it becomes more addictive than entertaining. For some people, Dashain becomes such a vehicle that they get to play freely. It is not for family entertainment but the quickness of defeat and victory drags them to the level of tas.

There is a saying in the Nepali society, 'Don't play gambling and gambling, the destruction of wealth is the bane of life.'

As everyone knows, no one is addicted to gambling. It has made some of them rich, some of them are in debt and some of them have been brought to a state of death or survival.

Therefore, gambling should be for healthy entertainment only. If you go further than that and fall below it, it will trap you in the circle of problems one day or the other.

Gambling Addiction: A Mental Illness

After playing Juwa Tas either win or lose. If we win, let's play again. A kind of excitement arises. Similarly, even if we lose, we have to play again, so that we can make up for the previous loss by winning again.

Whether we win or lose, we keep playing. There is mystery and excitement in this game, which keeps pulling people.

Yes, after reaching this state, people feel like gambling. This is called 'pathological gambling' in medical language. In such a situation, if people do not get to play gambling, they will be very hasty. What to do, how to do is making them restless.

When they become addicted to gambling, they cannot control their emotions. Eventually this develops into their compulsive behavior. It is also called a kind of mental disorder. The World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association have also classified it as a mental illness.

The effect it will have

After getting addicted like this, the behavior of the person changes. They start thinking about gambling all the time. So they look for many ways to play.

It distracts them from their main work, business. What is your job, duty? More than this, their attention is diverted elsewhere. Therefore, they are unable to do their main work properly. This not only makes them fail in their professional life but also makes their personal and family life a disaster.

Incitement to commit a crime

What we have seen and heard is that some people stake their homes in gambling. From stealing wife's jewelry to stealing valuable belongings of parents, gambling also incites them.

As more and more people sink into gambling, naturally they need money. In such a situation, people don't think of earning money by working hard, being patient. Instead, they start thinking about how to get money in a quick and easy way. There is only one solution, theft-robbery.

Incites to cheat, cheat, steal. People start taking such measures even after they are drowning in debt and are unable to raise themselves. Eventually, people get involved in crime without wanting to.

Addiction to online gaming

After all, the order of playing and playing through virtual media has increased. It is trapping teenagers and children more than adults or adults.

Online gaming addiction is so terrible that it can provoke children to kill their parents and even commit suicide.

What to do now?

It is advisable to be cautious before you get addicted to it and start looking for a way to get rid of it. It is better to be careful before entering the pit knowingly. Therefore, you should understand the risk of gambling and increase the distance from it.

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