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Why everyone wants to look beautiful?

Why everyone wants to look beautiful?

People, especially women, are more aware of beauty. They try their best to make themselves look good. Why do you want to look beautiful? What is its psychology?

Let's hear the experience of Rita Chapagai from Lalitpur Tikathali. She says, "I don't want sweet and delicate, I want very good clothes." Not only in clothes, but also in things like make-up and hair design, she does not compromise. He thinks, 'A woman's jewelry is beauty.'

Who is beautiful? There is no universal answer. The standard of beauty can also vary according to people, communities and geography. However, people all over the world are surrounded by one question, "How to make yourself look good?"

It is a common human nature to be good or attractive. But why do people have to be good? Why do people have to look sharp?

Savina Karki of Kathmandu Jorpati says, "Looking attractive means making yourself comfortable." She feels that her body is fatter than usual. There is also a fear that he will not get married because he is fat. "People want to look attractive not only for themselves, but also for others," she says.

Whether single or married, adult or teenager, everyone wants to look good. "The subtle psychology of attracting the attention of others to oneself is what inspires people to be beautiful," says psychologist Karuna Kunwar, "it also increases their self-confidence."

Our mythologies, stories, movies, etc. also instill in people a fascination for beauty. Beauty is often mentioned in stories and movies and ideal characters are presented beautifully. An attempt is made to show them as beautiful as possible in the pictures of the goddesses. Beauty is also given importance while describing mythological characters like 'Apsara', 'Pari'. Psychologist Kunwar says that such diverse influences have developed a beautiful psychology in people.

A person's attention is drawn to something attractive or beautiful at a glance. This is how people want to be beautiful to attract others' attention, says Kunwar.

"People have a special attachment to beautiful things," she says, "It's a spontaneous feeling." Therefore, it can be a natural human nature to look beautiful or be attracted to beautiful things.

Why are people fascinated by a blooming flower, a peacock dancing with fluttering feathers, a seven-color rainbow bathed in the sky, waves rippling on the shore of the deep blue sea, these things are beautiful in themselves. Psychologist Kunwar says that being beautiful and being fascinated by beauty is an innate quality of human beings.

As people grow up, the desire to look beautiful also increases due to various influences. But this is also the basic quality of a person," she says.

Although the psychology of looking beautiful varies according to society, community, and geography, people still have an attachment to beauty. Whether it is the Tanneri living in the modern cities of Europe-America or the tribal community living in the Ankantar forest, everyone has experienced beauty. But the standard of beauty can be different.

Due to the psychology of looking beautiful, the market of beauty products is now full of beauty salons. As the fashion industry and cosmetics market is growing rapidly today, it can be estimated that people are fascinated by beauty.

Also, in some cases, from getting a job to love or marriage, people have to beautify themselves. According to psychologists, people are motivated to be beautiful because they are worried that they will not get married or get a job if they do not look good. 

"Beauty is the first weapon to impress people"

Gopal Dhakal, Psychologist

Beauty is the first weapon to impress people. When interviewing someone, people look at their cover and appearance. In this way, the psychology of attracting people's attention also makes people want to be beautiful.

Women are more conscious about looking beautiful than men. That is why it is said that no amount of cosmetics or clothes are enough for women. Their aim is to make themselves look good.

When people feel that they are beautiful, it also boosts their self-esteem. Which looks more beautiful.

No matter what society we grow up in, there are those who judge beauty. People try to mold themselves according to what kind of appearance, what style of clothing is preferred by the people or the society in which they grew up. What this means is that people want to look good not only for themselves, but also for others.

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