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Taste the tongue, which also tells the health status

Taste the tongue, which also tells the health status

When you are sick and reach the hospital, the doctor says, 'Go ahead'. And you open your mouth and stick out your tongue. The doctor looks at your tongue and makes a preliminary estimate of your health status.

We think that the function of the tongue is only to identify the taste. The tongue has a special role for the health of the mouth and overall digestion, but when talking about human health, the tongue is not discussed much.

Most of the dirt in the mouth accumulates in the tongue, so cleaning the tongue is as important as the teeth, said the lecturer of Kathmandu Medical College. Preeti Singh says. If you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the tongue, many diseases can occur. Apart from this, the problem of bad breath may also appear due to the dirt accumulated on the tongue.

Tongue is a very important part of our body. Its structure is also different from other organs. One nerve supplies blood to the gums and teeth, while two nerves supply blood to the tongue. One nerve supplies blood to the anterior part of the tongue and another nerve to the posterior part. Singh says that the tongue can also be said to be an indicator of overall health.

Tongue helps in speaking, chewing food and taste in many things. Different diseases of the body can also be identified with the help of the tongue. She says that its color also helps to diagnose various diseases of the body. If someone's immunity is low, the tongue also tells. That's why the mouth and the tongue are also called the mirror of the body," she says.

How does it detect taste?

Test birds are spread in different parts of the tongue. On the tip of the tongue, one type is located in the adjacent part and the other is spread out in the back part. The back of our tongue perceives bitter, the tip perceives sweet, and the middle part perceives salty and sour tastes. . Dr. Singh says, "For example, if we have to know the taste of candy, then the test birds nearby know the taste. Similarly, the taste of bitter food is known by the test bird on the back of the tongue.

The role of the tongue in the digestive process

The tongue detects taste and mixes food with saliva to make it easier to chew food properly. Mixing with yam makes the food soft and easy to swallow. Through the alimentary canal, the food reaches the stomach and the stomach also digests the food properly and makes the work of the digestive system easier.

If the food is not chewed properly, the digestive system has to work hard to digest it and problems may also appear. Therefore, the tongue plays an important role in facilitating digestion. Singh says.

What should be done to keep the tongue healthy?

While cleaning the teeth, we forget to clean the tongue. After cleaning the teeth, the germs in the teeth come out. But if the tongue is not cleaned, dirt forms a layer and sits on the tongue and various germs start growing there.

The problem of bad breath is also caused by these germs of the tongue. Therefore, she suggests that the tongue should be cleaned regularly. "It removes dead skin and germs from the tongue," Dr. Singh says.

Tongue cleaners are available in the market to clean the tongue. She says that some brushes also have a 'tongue cleaner' on the backside, which should be used to clean the tongue.

Along with the tongue, it is advisable to eat more foods with vitamins and minerals for the overall health of the body. Singh says, 'To keep the tongue healthy and clean, one should rinse the mouth with clean water every time after eating.'

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