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What is the most effective method of contraception?

What is the most effective method of contraception?

After the desire of children is fulfilled or before making plans for children, how to protect the physical relationship is of interest to common couples. Sometimes an unwanted pregnancy occurs and it unintentionally adds to the hassle.

How to have safe sex in this situation? There is no risk of pregnancy when adopting which method? Many methods are in use. You can use options like using condoms to narplants.

What are the contraceptive measures?

Hormonal medicine pills, three-month Sangini needle, etc. can be used as contraceptives. In non-hormonal measures, condoms, condoms, etc. can be used. The 'calendar method' natural method of contraception is also popular.

The most effective method

Among the various methods of contraception, the use of condoms is the most effective. Condom use is 99% safer than other contraceptive methods. Its side effects are also reduced and it also protects from various sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, the use of condoms for contraception is more effective than other methods.

What are the disadvantages of other methods?

Hormonal methods of contraception can cause problems such as irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding during menstruation, obesity, black spots on the face, and liver problems.

Cuperty also has some disadvantages as it is placed in the mouth in the uterus. This causes problems such as infection of the uterus, sores on the mouth of the uterus, itching, and heavy bleeding during menstruation if the cupper is not kept properly.

Efficacy of condoms

This is the simplest and most common method of contraception. Its use prevents pregnancy in women and also protects the couple from sexually transmitted infections. It is much safer than other methods. It does not have any side effects.

Natural methods of contraception

There is also a natural way to prevent pregnancy, which is called the 'calendar method'. To use this method, calculate the period of ovulation and do not have sex when the egg matures and arrives in the uterus. Even if you have sex, you have to evacuate the semen. If you have sex before or after the time of ovulation, you will not get pregnant.

Contraception for newlyweds

Newly married couples who want to conceive only after a gap of a few years can use condoms and pills for contraception. The use of condoms is safe, and pills do not have many side effects. It is also easy to use and if the baby wants to stop taking it, the baby will also sit easily.

They have already had one child and they can use Koperti and Narplant for the birth of the second child. By using Narplant and Kaperti for five years, the first child is well grown and it can be removed for the second child.

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