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Is hunger sweet or food?

Is hunger sweet or food?

Now we have many dishes on our plates. Lentils, vegetables, pickles, fish, curd, milk, ghee, vegetables, salad, sweets. However, when we are not hungry, how can our tongue taste these dishes?

Because we are in a hurry to eat. We have to look at the hands of the clock and pick the bales. We don't have time to eat because we are in a hurry to get to work. Hungry or not? We are concerned with filling the stomach. While food has a special role not only to keep the body alive, but also to keep it healthy, fit and energetic.

Ayurveda says, 'Food should be eaten very comfortably. Every gram should be tasted. There should be joy in the heart at this time.

Due to the tendency to eat hastily and eat only when you have to eat, various kinds of diseases are now being contracted. Our poor eating style is also responsible for increasing chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure.

It is better to eat after the body needs food than to eat because I need food.

Now a days people rush everything due to busyness. They also eat food quickly. How much food am I eating when I eat in such a hurry? They don't even know whether it has reached me or not. As a result, they are eating more or less than they need. On top of that, we have started looking for the taste of the tongue only. While food is for the body. We don't care what kind of food the body needs, how much it needs.

The number of people who eat food in such a way that it tastes good and reaches the body is very less. Earlier, food was limited but people ate it slowly after relishing it. There are many dishes now. However, people are not able to taste the food properly and have time to eat it.

Similarly, in the past, people did a lot of manual labor. After doing physical labor like this, hunger also became pleasant. They used to eat food when they were hungry.

They didn't eat by looking at the clock like we do now. He used to eat according to the needs of the body. He ate when his body demanded. However, we are practicing eating according to the clock.

Earlier, nutritionists also suggested eating small meals from time to time throughout the day. It was understood that after eating small amounts of food in this way, the digestive system will be easy and there will be no hunger.

However, now even nutritionists have started saying that you should eat only when you are hungry. This means that it is appropriate to eat only when the body needs it. When hunger strikes, the body produces digestive juices. Then the food we eat is properly digested.

This does not mean to completely ignore the schedule. If we make our body accustomed according to the schedule, we will feel hungry at the appointed time. Therefore, at that time, digestive juice is produced in the body and at that moment we can eat food.

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