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Do the keto diet control diabetes and high blood pressure?

Do the keto diet control diabetes and high blood pressure?

How to reduce soiling, how to control diabetes, how to control high blood pressure? Now, with the search for these questions, the trend of 'keto diet' has increased widely. Especially urban people have adopted such a diet plan for a disease-free life.

There is a lot of propaganda that says keto diet can cure diabetes and control high blood pressure. Some are even running clinics based on the keto diet. What exactly is a keto diet? What does it include? How beneficial is it?

How about a keto diet?

According to nutritionists, the amount of fat and protein in the keto diet is high, while the amount of carbohydrates is very low. Along with this kind of diet, some people suggest fasting for 16 or 18 hours, while others only follow a diet schedule.

According to nutritionists, keto diet may not be beneficial for everyone and in all cases. A few years ago, Hindi and Bengali film actress Mishti Mukherjee passed away due to kidney failure. According to a BBC report, she was on a 'keto diet' and some argued that the keto diet may have been the cause of her death. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

What nutritionists say is that the trend of blindly adopting a keto diet is increasing now, that is not correct. They say that only by looking at the physical condition, age etc. of a person can it be determined whether this diet is suitable for them or not.

What does the doctor say?

Doctors say that although the keto diet is beneficial, adopting such a diet schedule in a random manner can have negative effects. "Keto diet helps to control weight, control diabetes and high blood pressure" diabetes specialist Dr. Madhu Pade says, "But before taking such a diet, one must consult a doctor."

He suggests that you should pay attention to your age, weight, disease, eating style, exercise and physical condition while taking keto diet.

Cardiologist says that not only keto diet, but any healthy food can help control high blood pressure. MK Piya. "A healthy, fresh, balanced diet keeps the body healthy, which has a direct effect on the heart and blood pressure," he says. "Poor diet is responsible for heart disease or high blood pressure."

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