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Cholera becoming a global concern, and the death rate has tripled compared to the previous 5 years | Children are burdened with homework even during the Dashain holidays

Cholera becoming a global concern, and the death rate has tripled compared to the previous 5 years

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday that the rise of cholera in the world is "alarming" after years of decline.

According to the World Health Organization, between 2017 and 2021, cholera outbreaks will occur in less than 20 countries every year.

"After years of declining numbers, we have seen an alarming increase in cholera outbreaks worldwide over the past year," Philip Barboza, head of the WHO's cholera and epidemic diarrhea team, told reporters in Geneva.

He said, "Not only do we have more disasters, but the disasters themselves have become more widespread and more deadly."

According to him, the average death rate in 2021 has increased almost three times compared to the previous five years.

According to Barboza, climate change is also part of the problem, along with traditional influences that are responsible for cholera, such as poverty and conflict.

"Complex climate problems such as floods, cyclones and droughts further reduce access to clean water and create an ideal environment for cholera," he said. '

Because affected countries do not provide data, the WHO does not have a single figure for the number of deaths due to cholera.

Children are burdened with homework even during the Dashain holidays

Educationist Vidyanath Koirala says that celebrating festivals, getting to know relatives and friends, and family gatherings are also useful lessons for children. According to him, children are gaining a lot of knowledge from festivals like Dashain Tihar.

Festivals help to get together with family, to be united with society, to increase relations with friends. This can be a good opportunity to understand the culture and society. However, how much do children feel these aspects of the festival?

Because they are in a hurry to finish school homework. Most schools tend to give homework to children during long vacations. "Children are so stressed thinking that they have to finish their homework that they don't even realize that the festival has come," says psychologist Vinod Paudel.

Paudel argues that due to the stress of homework, they cannot learn the social and practical things that can be gained from the festival. During the festival, educationists make Koirala, which helps children to be creative and inspire them to get involved in social life.

How many schools in the world have adopted a policy of not giving homework. The main reason for implementing such a policy is that the students' learning should be enjoyable, they should get plenty of time for creative activities and socialization,' says Koirala.

What do children learn from festivals?

Children should also read about our culture and festivals as part of social education. When is the festival celebrated, how is it celebrated, why is it celebrated? They are taught that. Educationist Koirala says, 'Practical knowledge is more effective than books. By hearing, seeing and experiencing a festival like Dashain, they will understand its manner and importance.'

Through this kind of festival, they realize how any culture unites the family and the society. According to educationist Koirala, festivals are an integral part of lifestyle.

Psychologist Paudel says that children should be celebrated in a joyful manner during the festival. 'Festivals give people healthy entertainment,' says Paudel, 'it erases some bitterness, frustration, mutual hatred and inspires to live wholeheartedly.'

Usually, children's daily life revolves around studying and homework. When you wake up in the morning, you are in a hurry to go to school, you are in a hurry to finish your homework after coming back from school. They don't even get to enjoy and rest properly. According to Dhakal, a psychologist, the festival is also an occasion, which helps them to maintain enthusiasm and happiness by keeping them free from all stress. He emphasized that children should be allowed to have fun during such festivals as they can be freed from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Homework burden

It is customary for children to miss their regular studies during the holidays, so they are given homework to make them practice again. However, most of the schools burden the children with so much homework that they are not able to celebrate the festival with confidence.

Due to the mental pressure of completing homework, children do not get to properly study and observe the intricacies of social festivals like Dashain.

Complaints are heard that today's children are also becoming lonely and antisocial. This can be a good opportunity for children who do not socialize outside the boundaries of school and home. They can experience or learn many valuable things about life and the world from the festival. They can understand the value of society.

Koirala, an educationist, comments that the ritualistic trend of making children do book homework at the moment only causes mental pressure. He says, 'Even if homework is to be given, it is given from outside the curriculum. Homework can be done on things like how jamra is grown, how many types of meat are there, what nutrients are found in meat.'

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