Sunday, October 9, 2022

Laugh out loud

Laugh out loud

Once you open your mouth and laugh out loud, what will happen?

Just for a moment, your anger, sadness, pain, complaints will disappear from your mind. Suddenly the stress goes away. The mind is happy. Excitement in the heart. Just laughing once.

These are emotional things. It has no less influence on physiology. When you smile confidently, the muscles in your body will be activated. The circulatory system will be easy. The amount of oxygen in the lungs will increase.

Where is that? Observe your surroundings. Seeing you laugh, smiles are also on the faces of others. The atmosphere has become fun. Laughing confidently is also a spontaneous expression of positive emotions.

Laughter has many benefits. While you don't have to spend extra money or lose anything to laugh so much. Sufferers say, 'Laughter is very beneficial for health.' But sadly, laughter is disappearing from our lives. why

We are not able to laugh openly because of complaints, leprosy, expectations etc.

Why is laughter disappearing?

People don't want to be sad, they want to be happy. Laughter is a sign of happiness. People don't laugh in sadness. People laugh in happiness, excitement, enthusiasm. Therefore, people have adopted many ways to make themselves happy. Like watching movies, reading books, listening to jokes, watching Tiktok, playing games. But through these mediums, happiness should not come from external things, but from within oneself.

The source of happiness, joy and laughter is not outside, it is within us. We have to find this source within ourselves, so that we don't need any excuse to laugh.

Negative laughter

Some people can laugh at the pain of others. People laugh even if some person is lying in the mud. Such laughter is not healthy laughter. Rather than making people happy, it increases their anger and frustration. There is no point in laughing at others, making fun of others, making others suffer. Rather, it is a disaster for human life.

Therefore laughter should be healthy. As in movies where the villain laughs, it does nothing but increase his excitement and passion.

Positive and creative

Why did laughter disappear from us? Why did happiness run away from us? Because the evil element was accumulating in us. We were dominated by negative feelings. It shut off our source of happiness.

Therefore, if you want to laugh freely, if you want to be happy, the first condition is to keep yourself positive. A positive mind does not have leprosy, passion, jealousy, irritation, complaints. When these disorders are not there, then we are free. Our hearts are healed. When you have such a mind, you can laugh from your heart. There is no need to keep trying to bring laughter only to the lips. The mind is happy and laughter is also born from the mind. And we can laugh confidently.

People should be positive and creative, so that they don't depend on others to be happy. Being creative, people create their own world. People create their own happiness. It gives them self-esteem. It is not difficult for people to laugh when they have self-respect.

After doing creative work, the self-esteem of a person rises. This is a good way to be happy.

Laughter is really a good thing. This is also the basic quality of human race. A person does not need to read any text or take any training to laugh. This is the basic quality that emerges spontaneously from within a person. At the same time, it is also a precious part for human life. So, let's leave the irritation, complaints, frustration and laugh. The more we can laugh, the more beautiful life we ​​can live.

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