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Monday, January 30, 2023

How to remove dark circles with home remedies?

How to remove dark circles with home remedies?

Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. This problem appears from adolescence due to various reasons. Dark circles are caused by stress from studies, work, lack of sleep, drinking less water, changes in hormones and irregular lifestyle. Apart from that, dark circles can also be caused by genetics.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

What is the home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food?

What is the home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food?

Greasy, spicy food is not easily digested. On the one hand, many greasy dishes, even if you don't feel hungry, you have to eat them many times. This kind of food will spoil the stomach. Some have indigestion and some have diarrhea. Some of them may have flatulence, some of them may be suffering from gastritis.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

This is how you can fill out the EDV form at home

This is how you can fill out the EDV form at home

The United States of America has also opened the EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) lottery for the year 2024. To apply for this, a long crowd is now seen in various cyber, photo shops etc. Even though the EDV form can be filled for free, such shops have been filling the form by taking voluntary money from people.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

These home remedies will help in increasing the pumping of the heart

These home remedies will help in increasing the pumping of the heart

With the help of some easy measures, you can easily increase heart pumping, know the reasons for low heart pumping and ways to increase it.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cough in the chest? This is home remedies.

Cough in the chest? This is home remedies.

Many people are worried about any health problem now, not Corona. However, in this time of changing weather, general health problems appear. Some get cold, cough, fever, phlegm, joint pain, etc. In some cases, home remedies can also get rid of such problems. These home remedies can be especially effective in the treatment of cough and phlegm.

Honey and lemon

Mix one teaspoon of organic honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and drink it. It relaxes the throat.

Honey has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Similarly, lemons are rich in vitamin C which gives immediate relief to the throat.


Pepper is slightly pungent and sharp in taste. It is considered a miracle medicine in Ayurveda to eliminate the problem of breathing. This eliminates the cough.

Pepper contains a chemical called piperlangine and it prevents our body from making enzymes. Enzymes made in the body increase the cough and its infection which causes cough. Boil 20 grains of chili in a cup of water daily and then mix honey in it and drink it.

Hot water

Drink lukewarm water when the phlegm is frozen. It reduces the amount of frozen phlegm in the chest and throat. You can also keep yourself hydrated by drinking lemon water or lemon tea.

Rinse with saltwater

Rinsing with salt water relieves sore throat and clears frozen phlegm in the throat. It clears the throat and kills all germs in the throat.


Mix one teaspoon of turmeric in hot water. Besa contains an element called curcumin. Which has very powerful antibacterial properties. It helps to thin the phlegm.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Home Remedies for Skin Allergies

Home Remedies for Skin Allergies

Skin allergies can cause itching, redness, rashes, and blemishes. Weather and weather, pollution, various plants, etc. can also cause skin allergies. This problem also comes from the bite of insects. If there are side effects of the medicine, allergies can also occur due to soap and cosmetics. Allergies usually heal on their own. However, some allergies are very painful.

It is advisable to consult a doctor depending on the complication or condition of the allergy. However, under normal circumstances, it can be treated with home remedies.

Olive oil

Vitamin E is considered to be very good for the skin. A good source of vitamin E is olive oil. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E. It keeps the face soft and does not allow the face to become dry.

Mixing a little honey in olive oil and applying it on the skin reduces the problem of itchy skin. Also, with regular use, itching can be completely cured.

Therefore, mixing a little turmeric in olive oil and applying it around the allergic area also gives relief from allergies.

Baking soda

The use of baking soda around the area of ​​allergy reduces the redness of the skin and also reduces the itching of the skin. Especially baking soda mixed with a little water should be applied around the itchy area and left for some time. Now it should be washed with clean water. Baking soda can also be mixed with coconut oil instead of water.

Oat mill

Oatmeal, which is usually consumed for breakfast, is also considered very useful for the skin. Allergies can also be relieved by grinding a small amount of oatmeal and mixing it with hot water and rinsing the affected area with that water.

Ghee Kumari

Ghee Kumari is considered as Ramvan for skin related problems. The anti-fungal ingredient found in Ghee Kumari helps to completely eliminate allergies. For this, fresh Ghee Kumari gel should be applied around the allergy. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off with clean water. Only then can the body get relief from skin-related allergies.

Ice cream

If your hands and feet are swollen, swollen, swollen, itchy, or have any skin problems, doctors recommend ice cream. When swollen with cold ice, the swollen area settles immediately. At the same time, itching is decreasing.

Neem leaves

The use of neem is considered beneficial for any skin related problems. Neem has anti-fungal, anti-allergic, and anti-bacterial properties. Due to these elements found in neem, neem can be used in any disease.


Coriander is a type of Ayurvedic medicine. Coriander is considered to be very useful in reducing the problem of redness and swelling of the skin. Apply ground coriander on the affected area and leave it for about 20 minutes. Now it should be thoroughly cleaned with water. If this process is repeated regularly for three to four days, some relief can be obtained.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Virtual visit to Bhaktapur: Observation of heritage from home

A virtual visit to Bhaktapur: Observation of heritage from home

Due to the slowdown in the global coronavirus epidemic, the cultural heritage of the country, including the Kathmandu Valley, has become desolate. The situation of those who make a living by providing various services to the tourists coming to the same heritage area is now becoming pitiable.

Meanwhile, Bhaktapur Sampada Yatra, which has been organized in collaboration with the Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, Story Cycle, European Union, and other organizations for the information of the cultural and tourism sector of Bhaktapur, will be held on Tuesday through the virtual medium.

At the main entrance on the west side of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square area, the internal and external tourists who are ready for the heritage journey start their heritage journey with an artistic Ugrachandi and Ugrabhairav ​​statue next to the temple. After that, the advancing team reaches Chardham, Nyakanjya Durbar, Golden Gate, and reaches the palace at 55 o'clock. Nyakanjya Durbar means a window with a mirror. That is, when the first Muslim rulers came, they gave a mirror as a gift to the king of Nepal. At that time, it was not customary to look in the mirror in Nepal. According to the locals, the palace was named Nyakanjya Durbar because the king kept a mirror in the window so that everyone could see it. This is how the heritage journey of Bhaktapur increases. Each temple has its own set of legends.

Along with the analysis of the temple, information is given about the heritage of Bhaktapur, the center of ancient and medieval cultural structures.

Ram Sundar Beale, chairman of the Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, informed that the procession will reach the priest's house through the temple, Bhairavnath's temple, Taumadhi, and Dattatraya.

The heritage journey does not only look at those tangible and established heritages. According to the ethnic rites, the cultural rites are reflected in every deed of the devotees in daily work. In Bhaktapur, which has been avoiding external rites as much as possible, one can still see a vibrant culture step by step.

Every stream and well there is associated with folk art. Each temple carries a complete history, as well as examples of original and new art culture.

After entering the Pashupati temple, the tourist enjoys the beauty of the local food along with the beauty of the Nyatpole and sits in front of the Nyatpole and moves forward with his indelible memories in his mind. The courtyard of the Nyatpole, which is the boundary between the potters and the metalworkers, is not just a stage for the division. It is also a courtyard to increase harmony by gathering people of both castes on one day of the year.

The Bhaktapur Sampada Yatra, which was started as per the plan to taste local art, culture, and food items during the yatra, will start virtually from Bhaktapur on Tuesday at 4 pm.

Bhaktapur, which has done exemplary work in the preservation of tangible and intangible culture, has also given importance to the cities of European countries in this heritage journey. Ram Sundar Bhele, chairperson of the Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, said that they are ready to provide information about the entire tangible and intangible culture during the virtual heritage trip to be conducted by local guide Rita Suwal.

The British Council and the European Union are also planning to promote the event on their social media platforms. This is the sixth Sampada Yatra in Bhaktapur. It will be on Tuesday from 4 p.m.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

MasterCard allows employees to work from home

MasterCard has told employees at its corporate offices around the world not to return to work until the corona outbreak has subsided or they have been vaccinated.

A senior executive of the organization told Reuters on Wednesday. MasterCard chief executive Michael Fracaro has said he will strengthen his offices. ‘We expect more employees to continue working from home rather than coming to the office in the coming weeks and months,’ he said, ‘and we’re comfortable with that.
According to Fracaro, employees who come to the office will have to strictly follow the rules of social distance, wear masks and check their temperature. The company has 20,000 employees in its offices around the world. Even after the situation returns to normal, Fracaro said, only 30 percent of employees around the world will be present.
Competitors from MasterCard, including American Express and Visa, have said they have no immediate plans to hire staff. Fracaro said MasterCard has created a task force that understands how to manage the needs of its offices and staff in the future. Mastercard networks have different relationship maps depending on the type of card and the deals in place. Regardless, MasterCard charges for the use of each Master Card. Generally, the network processors are the five companies involved in the transaction, the cardholder, the merchant, the receiving bank, the issuer and the master card. Fees may vary depending on the card and merchant agreement.

As a network processing service provider, MasterCard is responsible for processing the transaction.
MasterCard may charge the issuer a switching fee when issuing a MasterCard, but in general, most fees involved in the transaction process are called interchange fees and are negotiated To accept MasterCard electronic payments, a merchant must have an own (earned) bank capable of receiving electronic payments on the MasterCard network. The merchant is called a merchant discount for every transaction. For MasterCard, most of the company's revenues come from issuers. GDV fees are one percent of total GDV. MasterCard is required to pay a fee based on the Co-branded Card Agreement. Each co-branded card has different terms for the contract fee, but in general, the GDV fee is the basic standard.