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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Skin problems and treatment methods

Skin problems and treatment methods

Skin is the outer layer of the body, which needs to be healthy and beautiful. However, the skin is also the part most affected by external infections. There are many skin problems. We are also looking for diagnoses for such problems. However, it has not been effectively diagnosed.

Skin diseases and skin diseases are not the only causes. The effects of internal diseases of the body are also seen on the skin. If there are problems in the heart, kidneys, intestines, stomach, etc., its effect is also seen on the skin. So skin is also an indicator, indicating the disease of the body.

If the skin is healthy, radiant, and soft, then it should be understood that the health is good. However, if any infection, blemishes, etc. are seen on the skin, there may be some problem.

There are differences in the symptoms and severity of skin diseases. It is temporary and permanent. It hurts and it doesn't hurt. In some cases, it may be genetic. Sometimes skin disorders can be very subtle, which can be life-threatening.

We cannot ignore the seriousness of skin disease. If you have any of these problems, you must seek treatment.

Skin and skin type

- Rough skin

- Oily skin

-Chicken Pucks

- Eczema

-Rosacea (reddening of the face)

- Seborrheic dermatitis

- Skin diseases

- White spot


-Skin cancer

- Mole




- Screaming


What are the symptoms?

- Red or white spots appear

- Itchy skin

- Skin peeling

- Ulcers

- To be dry or rough

- Deterioration of skin color

Why do skin infections occur?

1. Pores of the skin, bacteria in the hair

2. Microorganisms in the skin

3. Virus

4. Weakness of the immune system

5. Exposure to an allergen or another person's infected skin

6. Genetic factors

7. Diseases affecting the thyroid, immune system, kidney, and other body systems

Skin infections

1. Bacterial skin infections - These infections occur when the skin enters the body through a wound.

2. Skin infections caused by viruses - The most common viruses occur in three groups. Poxvirus, Human Papillomavirus, Herpes Virus.

3. Fungal Infections - The body's chemicals and lifestyle cause fungal infections.

Take precautions

1. Wash hands with soap and warm water. That is, special care should be taken in hand hygiene.

2. Don't share eating and drinking with others.

3. People with skin infections should not be in direct contact with them.

4. Clean public places, such as gym equipment, before using.

5. Do not share personal belongings, such as blankets, swimsuits, etc. with another person.

6. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

7. Drink enough water.

8. Avoid excessive physical and emotional stress.

9. Let's have a nutritious diet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Food classification and quantity

Food classification and quantity

To give strength to the body, to keep the body moving, to make the body healthy, we have to take food from external sources. We walk, sit, jump, play, work. In this case, the body gets the necessary energy from food. Our physical organs are also weakened, they are damaged. Therefore, food is also needed to compensate for that. In short, food does the following.

Food classification

Depending on the function of the nutrients obtained from the food, it can be divided into three parts.

One, substances that provide energy for physical development, growth, and biological function

Two, bodybuilding nutrients

Three, health-promoting substances

Variety of balanced diet

Different people need different amounts of nutrients in their food according to their different functions.

Age - In childhood, when the body develops, the child needs more fat and protein. In old age the digestive system is weakened, then the need for these elements decreases.

Climate: Cold-prone countries use more heat than summer-prone countries. Therefore, more food is required than expected in a cold country.

Gender - Women need less food than men.

Exercise - Excessive energy or heat loss in the body of a person who does physical exertion. More food is needed to make up for that.

These are the basic things about food. Our physical condition also determines why we eat, how much we eat, and how we eat. However, we should eat as much as the body needs. We should eat food that can be easily digested.

Catering formula

1. Eat fresh, nutritious, balanced, and digestible food.

2. As much as possible, let's eat our own cooked food. At least eat cooked at home.

3. Eat at least four or five meals a day. Eating more often but in smaller amounts helps the digestive system.

4. Try to diversify your diet throughout the day. Eat a balanced diet.

5. Let's make breakfast compulsory in the morning. Don't eat too much after sunset in the evening.

6. Emphasis should be placed on seasonal and natural foods.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The study says that people in the 5 gene group have a higher risk of corona

The study says that people in the 5 gene group have a higher risk of corona

The country is now engulfed in a world war of coronavirus. Scientists around the world are testing a vaccine against the virus. While some vaccines have had a positive effect, happiness has spread around the world.

Based on the statistics, the number of virus infections is constantly increasing, but in the meantime, new research on the effects of the coronavirus is also coming out. So far, scientific studies have shown that people of which blood group are at risk for corona? That was searched. Scientists are now conducting scientific research on the gene. According to their study, which genes are most at risk for corona? Has been given more priority.

These 5 types of genes are at higher risk - study

According to researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, most of the corona infections have been found in people with the genes TYK2, CCR2, OAS1, IFNAR2, and DPP9. The study found that those with severe symptoms were more likely to be at risk.

Not only that, people with these 5 types of genes have a high risk of serious illness or even death.

According to the Daily Mail, 22 percent of the 2,700 people in the five genes mentioned above have died. Of these, 74 percent were patients who could not breathe on their own. When they arrived in critical condition, they were placed on a ventilator.

Coronavirus becomes serious for some groups

Experience of many types of corona infection has also come out in Nepal. Some people get seriously ill because of the corona. But many do not even have the symptoms.

In this research, scientists claim that this study has found that it is serious for people of certain age groups. Not only that, but scientists have also claimed that the discovery of the genes most affected by the corona will also help in making medicine.

Different symptoms of corona in anyone

Most of the time we hear the news that some people have mild symptoms of corona and some have severe symptoms. Some people need a common medicine and some need a ventilator. Some may have an only fever and the symptoms may go away on their own, while others may need to be treated in a hospital.

Use caution

As far as corona vaccine testing is concerned, it may take a long time for it to reach us. That's why doctors say that Corona should not be considered normal. Since the corona crisis is not over, don't stop wearing a mask, take a hot bath, wash your hands, and go to crowded places. Doing so can prevent coronavirus.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Get enough sleep: neither too much nor too little

Get enough sleep: neither too much nor too little

Whether it is modern development or lifestyle or globalization, all these have disturbed our sleep. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the global human community's sleep is being disturbed in recent years. The modern economy has changed the schedule of most people. Many are now forced to work late at night or at night.

Due to the growing need and the pressure of work to support it, people's working life has been extended. It directly attacks sleep. Many people do not get enough sleep. The effect is being seen in their health.

Insomnia or lack of adequate sleep has increased the risk of many chronic diseases and problems such as stress and restlessness. Thus, with sleep deprivation, various mental problems have started to appear. There are more than 80 types of sleep disorders. Also, it causes problems like heart attack, depression, high blood pressure, memory loss.

That is why sleep does not come

Most of us know that getting enough sleep is essential for good health. Despite knowing this, we are not getting enough sleep. Not only the busyness of work but also social networks like Facebook have disturbed our sleep.

We don't do any exercise before going to bed, we drink ice cream, dessert, or hot coffee. It affects sleep. It is better to do light exercise but not hard exercise which makes you feel tired.

- Do not watch scary movies or violent content before going to bed.

- Let's not keep accounting or practical things in mind.

- Let's not sleep much during the day.

- Let's not consume alcohol for sleep.

- If you take a sleeping pill to get a good night's sleep, you should take it one hour before going to bed.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Effect of Ayurvedic treatment in Isolation Center

Effect of Ayurvedic treatment in Isolation Center

If you reach the Brahma Muhurat in the morning, the diary of the corona infected people kept at the Ayurveda Research Center in Kirtipur will not only surprise many but may also inspire them not to take the disease seriously. As soon as they wake up in the morning, some of them go to a place where they can do yoga, and those who are interested start enjoying their own kind of dance. Some live as musicians, some as spectators.

Doesn't Corona move from here when you hear it immediately? It may seem that the physical distance is taken into consideration while doing all these activities. Even security guards and nurses assigned to guard the center at a physical distance sometimes participate in such recreational activities.

The isolation of the center, which is kept in the same family environment, has helped the corona infected to recover and return home faster than elsewhere, according to the center officials.

The center has been developed as an isolation center for infecting corona and has been added to the list of centers for better management of isolation. One of the slogans of the center is 'Strength of the patient should be strengthened, not the strength of the disease.' After all, what is the condition of the infected living there and its management?

According to the center, no corona-infected person had to be kept in isolation for more than 10 days until the government decided to keep them in the isolation center for 14 days and send them home without testing. Assistant Medical Specialist of the Center Dr. According to Vikas Raj Ghimire, the center has been able to send people between the ages of 2 and 78 years by releasing corona from isolation.

Chief Training Officer of the Center Dr. According to Nirmal Bhusal, 90 percent of the infected patients have returned home with corona negative within seven days. "Most of the patients return home with a negative corona within seven days," he said. They have returned home in 10 days even though they are late. Due to the patient-friendly environment here, they appear to have been quickly discharged from the corona. '

Bhusal says that not only those who are now in isolation but also those who are in home isolation are constantly seeking advice on Ayurvedic medicine by telephoning. He says, "We have succeeded in dispelling the misconception about Ayurvedic medicine in the society." He said that although Ayurvedic medicine has not been proven to prevent corona, they have succeeded in proving that it helps in boosting the immunity of people.

Regular use of Ayurvedic medicine

No scientific experiment has confirmed the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine in the prevention of the coronavirus. But in this isolation center, the use of regular ayurvedic medicine helps to increase the immunity of the infected, he said. It belongs to Bhusal.

According to Bhusal, the infected people at the center were allowed to take various Ayurvedic medicines produced by Singha Durbar Vaidyakhana regularly.

According to the center, medicines made by mixing gurgle and author, marij, people, mica ash powder, jethi honey, ashwagandha, etc. are fed daily. "The charming atmosphere of Kirtipur may have helped the patient to recover faster," says Bhusal. "The external and internal management of the isolation ward was our attempt to prevent the patients from feeling that I was sick."

Yoga and recreation

Another important feature of this isolation center is the means of entertainment. The management of the isolation center encourages every infected person to do regular yoga. According to Bhusal, after waking up in the morning at the center, the infected people have been doing various asanas and yoga to suit themselves. Bhusal said that options like lungo and carom board have been provided for entertainment and dance and instrumental music can be used whenever he likes.

20 infected referred to APF hospital

According to the latest statistics, 20 of the patients have been referred to the Armed Police Force Hospital in Balamb. According to Bhusal, he had to undergo an X-ray as the fever was increasing and he had to be kept in the ICU as it became more complicated. "As the problem of pneumonia is on the rise, it has been referred to the ICU as a problem," he told Online News. "We have so far received 20 referrals due to lack of technology to do X-ray and ICU infection in the ICU."

What is the difference between other isolations and here?

There is a lot of difference in this isolation which is usually kept in the Ayurvedic treatment center than in home isolation. The annoying situation of having to live alone at home does not remain in this isolation. If you have any health problems, you can consult a doctor immediately. The difference between it and other isolation centers is that others try to cure the symptoms using modern medicine but the center will try to cure the disease with the help of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga meditation, he said.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Bad stomach, bad mind

Bad stomach, bad mind

Mental health has a special relationship with the stomach. Who knows but the one who treats depression?

Dr. George Porter Phillips, a British psychiatrist, had a similar experience at the turn of the century.

One day Dr. Phillips visited the infamous Bethlehem Royal Hospital in London. This hospital was notorious for keeping psychiatric patients. Due to this, the hospital became infamous as a madhouse.

During the monitoring, Dr. Phillips realized that his patients often suffered from mental problems such as constipation, heartburn, and indigestion. Also, his nails were long and his hair was dull and his face was rough.

Generally, looking at such patients, it is estimated that the mental state of such people is not right and their mood is not right because they are not calm. So Dr. Another question came to Phillips' mind. He thought, isn't stomach upset the main reason for their depression? ‘Can their depression be reduced by treating their stomachs?’, He began to think.

Abdominal relationship with the brain

Aiming to find out about the relationship of the stomach with the brain, Dr. Phillips performed one experiment on 18 patients.

He removed all kinds of meat except fish from the patient's diet. Instead, he gave her fermented milk called 'K'.

This milk contains a bacterium called lactobacilli, which is considered beneficial for the stomach. It is said that lactobacilli bacteria help indigestion.

Dr. Philips' experiment was successful. Eleven of the patients he researched recovered completely. The mental health of two more patients improved significantly.

This was the first study to confirm that the stomach is related to the brain.

The other bacteria in our gut are deeply connected to our health. It also has to do with our mental health. It only took a century for the world to accept this. Dr. Phillips' research was not accepted by the next generation.

But now all the researchers doing research on intestinal bacteria have found that Dr. Philips' research has begun to be recognized. They believe that stomach bacteria have a direct bearing on our mental health.

What does the research say?

Jane Ellison Foster, a professor at McMaster University in Canada, says there is no doubt that stomach bacteria have a profound effect on the brain. That is, we can treat the brain by treating the bacteria in the stomach. There is a lot of potential for the development of new drugs.

According to Jane Ellison, stress causes a variety of factors. Stomach problems may be one of the reasons.

A person who has some stomach related problem, if the stomach of such a person is treated, the mind also feels relief.

Popular research on the subject was conducted in 2004 at Kyushu University in Japan.

For this, a mouse was raised in the university, which did not contain a single bacterium. These mice showed significant fluctuations in the hormones corticosterone and ACTH.

This problem occurs when there is stress. The findings show that the bacteria in the stomachs of other mice kept their mental health and brains in balance.

The bacteria were removed from the stomachs of these mice and put into sterile mice. The result was that stress was reduced in the first most stress-free, sterile mice.

The research also found that transplanting bacteria from mice to humans or from humans to mice can have an effect on mental health and the brain.

Communication between the intestines and the brain

Some species of germs protect the intestinal wall. As a result, the elements in the intestines cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. Otherwise, there may be an upset stomach, heartburn, and stomach infection.

It is also said that the bacteria that protect the intestinal wall can cause mood swings and lethargy. If this problem persists for a long time, the patient may get depressed.

Bacteria in the gut also help digest hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

Also, the brain controls the functioning of the intestines through a nerve called the vagus. The intestines and the brain communicate through the vagus nerve.

According to scientists, if the brain can transmit a message to the intestines through the vagus, then the effect of the intestine reaches the brain through the vagus itself.

According to Jane Ellison, scientists are constantly researching the relationship between the brain and intestinal bacteria. They believe that the bacteria in the gut can help reduce the risk of depression.

Treatment of human intestinal tract

At present, the medication given to reduce depression is not for all people. It may not be effective for everyone. Only two out of ten patients have been found to benefit from such drugs.

Therefore, scientists believe that the study of the relationship between the brain and intestinal bacteria can be found to find a cure for diseases such as depression.

So Dr. Whether it was Phillips' research in 1910 or the current one, all of this research is still in its infancy. Therefore, it is important to do more research on how to reduce the risk of depression by changing your diet.

According to Jane Ellison, every person has different types of bacteria in their gut. Therefore, the treatment of the disease varies according to the nature of the bacteria.

Therefore, the major need now is to divide these bacteria into a few different categories. So that a kind of treatment method can be developed for such patients.

The relationship of the intestine with the brain

American scientist Julio Lisinio also says that various researches will be done in the future based on the relationship between the brain and the intestines and will try to find a cure for depression.

But for now, doctors say the same thing, eating can keep the mind healthy. For this, it is advisable to adopt the food eaten in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This type of diet is high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, and vegetable oils, while red meat and sugar are used sparingly.

‘To confirm the deep connection between the mind and food,’ says Felice Jacka of Deakin University in Australia many statistics can be found. However, what we need is peace of mind. And, to keep the mind calm, food must be improved. '