Monday, May 3, 2021

How do children lose faith?

How do children lose faith?

"I have a lot of respect for my parents," said one columnist in a prestigious English fortnightly magazine. I consider them my role models and want to be like them. But, on the last day, my confidence is broken. Because my father loves others more than his mother. He has an affair with a woman next door. I know that. '

What kind of state of mind is the child going through in such a situation? He cannot talk about it openly with anyone, nor can he keep it under wraps. What to do in such a situation? He has no concrete decision.

There is a risk of some accidents in such a mood. The child knows about the misconduct of the parents. This has made him very sad. Has created fear. However, he himself is not in a position to play a decisive role. That is, he is unable to do anything about it.

Parents cannot open each other's poles. Even keeping it secret can have bad consequences. Due to this, his mentality is getting weaker. She is swallowing with remorse and fear. Her confidence is broken.

Often a child considers his parents to be the most ideal character in the world. When they grow up, they want to be like their parents. What parents do, what they say is what they think is appropriate. Follow the behavior of parents.

However, when the parents' speech and behavior start to go wrong, then their feelings are deeply hurt. They have mental disorders.

They lose their faith. Feel insecure. Due to the bad behavior of their parents, they are not able to think well about their life, education, and future. Do's and don'ts Can't decide Because of this ambiguity, they run the risk of going astray.

Looking at the background of some people involved in criminal activities, it is found that their childhood is similarly stressful. There is always a risk of children developing violent attitudes due to parental misconduct and quarrels.

To allow the image that children have built on their parents, such as trust and confidence, to be shattered is to inflict emotional abuse on children.

Therefore, parents need to keep themselves moderate and balanced for the future of their children. How does your behavior affect them? This should be considered. After giving birth to children, it is not enough to feed and clothe them. Just reading is not enough. Good guardianship should also be given.

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