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Gastric damage can cause ulcers in children

Gastric damage can cause ulcers in children

Swelling of the stomach or small intestine is called gastric. Gastric in colloquial language but its real name is gastritis. Gastritis can occur in anyone from children to the elderly.

Gastritis has also been called a 'national disease' because it is seen by many people. Gastric infection in children is caused by bacterial infection from contaminated water and food, which is known as expiatory infection. Apart from that, not eating on time, taking other painkiller drugs can also cause gastric.

Signs or symptoms of gastric

Symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, pain in the upper part of the stomach, bloating, darkening of stool color, body ache and feeling weak are seen. However, children may not show all symptoms.

Ulcers may also appear in children if gastric deterioration is delayed due to treatment. At first, when viewed through endoscopy, it looks red, which is called an iridoma. It will be fine if you take medicine when you have iridoma. If treatment is not done for a long period of time, it will lead to erosion and if it is ignored, it will lead to ulceration. Ulcers usually occur in children in the small intestine. Which is completely cured by taking regular medicine. But if there is an ulcer in the stomach and it is not cured even after taking medicine, it can lead to stomach cancer. Which is rarely seen in children.

Sour belching, a feeling of a wound in the stomach, heartburn, bloating and swelling, pain or burning in the upper part of the body, blood in the stool or dark color and vomiting blood are signs of an ulcer.

Identification and treatment

After symptoms appear in children, endoscopy is used to determine whether gastric is present or not. Treatment after gastritis is easy for children and young people. Children with gastritis will get better on their own if they take medicine regularly and eat a balanced diet. Similarly, taking antibiotics for up to 14 days is fine for those with Hpylori infection.

Remedies to avoid gastric

Eating on time, not eating junk food, eating only after boiling water, not drinking contaminated water, not eating too much greasy, bitter and sour food can prevent gastric. Similarly, you should not sit on an empty stomach for a long time and eat a healthy diet.

If you have gastritis or stomach pain, it is better to go to the pharmacy and get tested at the hospital rather than taking medicine without a doctor's advice. The faster the treatment, the faster the recovery, so you should not ignore it because you have a stomach ache.

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