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How to find happiness?

How to find happiness?

Osho says - happiness and sorrow are temporary. Permanence is bliss. Happiness is the ultimate goal of whatever people do. Be it by earning money, be it by performing prayers, be it by doing social service, be it by earning name. The only squeeze of talking is pleasure.

We are happy just by exemplifying the word joy. But there is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is something that is neither happiness nor joy. Happiness is the feeling above happiness and joy.

We describe happiness as happiness. But happiness is the absence of suffering. Where there is no sorrow, there is happiness. Sadness is the absence of happiness. Happiness is the absence of both pain and happiness, where both pain and happiness are absent. Actress and Osho monk Shobhita Sinkhada says that the perfect calm state of mind is the state of bliss.

"Where no outside movement affects us, neither sorrow nor happiness, that is happiness," she says.

Joy beyond happiness

All beings in the world want happiness. Man himself is the embodiment of joy. His form is lost in the confusion of the world. He is trying to find and get. She says that her entire life is spent in a rush to get happiness.

"People can feel happiness and sadness, but why can't they feel joy?" Because happiness and sadness are external. Man is engrossed in external things. There is no time to enter, she says.

When you are removed from happiness, you can enter into joy. That is not sadhana, it is a general state of mind. ``Wanting to get away from suffering is a person's desire for happiness. "He who wants to leave happiness can enter happiness," says Sinkhra.

One should desire only spiritual bliss and try to collect it. He concludes that the source of happiness is contentment, without contentment people cannot experience happiness.

A special source of joy

Meditation is the main source of happiness. If you can keep your mind and brain calm, you will get happiness. Meditation calms the mind and brain and brings joy. She suggests that a person can attain happiness if he can think for himself, away from external love, happiness and sorrow.

The role of physiology

According to Sinkha, the mind is controlling the body. If we want to eat something, we eat it even if our body does not need it. It is the mind and thoughts that keep us away from happiness. When many thoughts come to our mind, many things play in our mind and our body also reacts to it.

Too much running, stress also causes various problems to our body. But when we feel joy in our mind or keep our thoughts empty, our body also feels refreshed in a different way," says Sinkhada.

Happiness and sadness can disappear. Because these are external things. It comes from outside. Someone was happy, it was for some reason. He will be sad when that reason is removed. Sankhada says that external things cannot destroy Anand. It cannot be removed or lost. That is, happiness is temporary, sorrow is temporary. Happiness is permanent,” she says.

Happiness is the state of man's consciousness. Happiness comes, sorrow comes. Not happy. Bliss is present, you just have to understand it. You will get happiness, you will also get sorrow. But not to enjoy. Just invent, just explore. It is present. Sinkhra says, 'Understand that whatever you gain, you will lose. The joy is not lost. Because it is not found. It is something that is within oneself.

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