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Why do cramps occur?

Why do cramps occur?

Psychiatrist Dr. According to Saroj Ojha, there are four stages of sleep in the process of falling asleep and waking up.

In the first stage, 10 minutes after falling asleep, the state is half awake and half asleep. At this time, even the smallest interference can disturb our sleep.

A person's sleep is disturbed even if someone speaks loudly, the sound of a door being opened, or the sound of dishes being washed. If the external environment becomes calm and there is no reason to disturb the sleep, then the things happening around gradually become dim.

In the second stage, the speed of heart beat also decreases gradually. When we reach the third stage, we enter a very deep sleep. The fourth stage is called the stage of rapid momentum. When we reach this stage, our sleep becomes deeper.

At this time, the breathing process is increasing, the mind is very active, blood circulation is increasing. But our muscles are very inactive. And we are in a situation where we don't know something.

This is the stage where we dream.

While coming out of a rapid moment, we may sometimes have a seizure. The mind is moving. When trying to move the body, the body does not move. That's why we wake up shaking. This is a state of light sleep and body inactivity. In our ancient society, it is believed that ghosts caused this suffering. This is called Ethan. In English, it is called slipping paralysis.

Why do cramps occur?

Psychiatrist Dr. Kapil Upadhyay says, 'Especially if there is no coordination of sleep, seizures will occur. This happens especially when the sleep cycle changes.

Different experiences have been heard from individuals regarding the assembly. Some people feel like being pressed by a heavy object, some people feel like being hugged by a strong object, and some people feel like they are holding their breath. This situation will last for a few seconds or minutes.

According to psychiatrist Upadhyaya, having to sit up means not having the right sleeping position or the bed being uncomfortable. But there are many misconceptions or misconceptions about Aethan in the society. That's why people get worried after having a seizure.

"Though epilepsy is not a disease in itself, the confusion about it can make people psychotic," says psychiatrist Upadhyay.

Superstition of convulsions

The belief that seizures are caused by ghosts has been around for centuries. It is said by some to be the presence of an angry spirit, possessed by a witch or tormented by a ghost.

Athan is also mentioned in William Shakespeare's famous work Romeo and Juliet. In the said work, Athana is said to be the effect of a demon. In every society in the world, it has been found that the difficult or awkward situation that occurs while sleeping at night is explained by connecting it with superstition. There is a common understanding that especially evil spirits have caused suffering.

"It's a very common thing," says psychiatrist Upadhyay, "but it's been compounded by connecting it with ghosts and it's actually added to the mental stress on people."

Insomnia, the habit of sleeping with high blood pressure, the possibility of convulsions when sleeping after taking drugs. Psychiatrist Upadhyaya says that sometimes even when the amount of oxygen in the body is low, it feels like having a seizure.

What is the solution?

According to Upadhyay, if you are suffering from convulsions, you should manage your sleep balance.

A sleep schedule can be made for that. The schedule of sleeping and waking up should be the same. The bedroom should be quiet and clean. The bed should be comfortable. Wear light clothes and sleep. Don't put things on the bed or pillow. Practicing deep breathing before going to sleep is very effective.

Now many people use mobile phones, play loud music and sleep. It also interferes with deep sleep.

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