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Now there is no risk of HIV?

Now there is no risk of HIV?

HIV positive was considered as a terrible infection. The disease, transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected person, was described as 'fatal'. Therefore, people used to fear that they might have HIV infection even when they get a common sexually transmitted disease.

For various reasons, it was not easy for those infected with HIV to live a normal life. What happens after contracting HIV? Can they work or not? How many live? The question would have been thrown at them. Because the infected people did not receive medical treatment in the beginning. The drug was not researched. Therefore, the risk of death due to infection was high.

But now the situation is not like that. There is no discussion of HIV infection, nor the fear of possible death from it.

Medicines are now readily available. Even those infected with HIV can lead a normal life by taking medication for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Because of this, now the fear of this disease has decreased.

Has the fear of HIV decreased or the infection rate?

The infection rate of HIV has decreased slightly. But the fear has decreased a lot. Medicines were not available when the infection spread in Nepal. Even if it was available, the other infected person would get the medicine only after the death of the first infected person.

Now, as soon as HIV infection is detected, medication is started after counseling. Medicines are started in 3-4 days after the infection is confirmed. After taking the medicine, the infected person does not get AIDS, which has reduced the fear.

According to the data of the National AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Center, it has been found that the HIV infection rate is decreasing in Nepal. In two decades, the rate of new HIV infections has decreased by almost 84 percent. Likewise, deaths due to AIDS have decreased by 71 percent.

Reasons for reducing the fear of HIV

The main reason for the decrease in the fear of HIV is that drug treatment is becoming more effective. As soon as it is infected, treatment is available. As a result, the number of infected people is decreasing all over the world. Public awareness about this infection has also spread well, so the number of new infected is decreasing. Even those who are infected do not reach the stage of AIDS.

Although the fear has decreased, there has been no change in the behavior of HIV infected people. There has been no change in their view. The risk of HIV infection is now higher in the age group of 18 to 40 years.

The belief that life ends after HIV infection is no longer the case. If the drug is taken regularly, there will be no death due to HIV. Infected people can also live like other normal people.

Even the infected can live a full life

Even those infected with HIV can live a full life. New HIV drugs are now available, and people who take them regularly can live their entire lives.

If one of the husband or wife is HIV positive and one is negative, then the one who is negative is given medicine called Prep. Those who are positive take their own medicine. By doing this, the child born from that couple becomes negative and the partner also becomes negative, so as many as 15 children have been born.

Symptoms of HIV infection

No symptoms may appear for five to seven years after HIV infection. Common problems such as fever and diarrhea may not be seen, so many people think that 'I am healthy, I have no health problems'. People do not think that they are at risk of HIV. During this time, he may be transmitting the infection to others. If the symptoms appeared as soon as the infection occurred, then everyone would have access to treatment.

Symptoms start appearing only after 5-7 years of HIV infection. After infection, the body is unable to fight the infectious disease, which causes symptoms such as fever, diarrhea and weight loss for a long time.

HIV is a type of virus. It attacks and weakens our immune system. When someone is infected with HIV, their body becomes unable to fight off infectious diseases. The HIV virus destroys those cells of the immune system. If the HIV virus is not treated in time, the infection starts to increase in the body and it can lead to AIDS.

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