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Causes of weight gain and measures to reduce weight and obesity

Causes of weight gain and measures to reduce weight and obesity

Obesity is the problem of many people these days. To reduce it, people take various medicines, go to doctors and do exercises etc. There may be many reasons for this, here are the causes of obesity and easy and home remedies to reduce it.

Obesity Reasons

Obesity can be caused by many reasons. Nowadays, modern lifestyle is a big reason for increasing obesity. Various causes of obesity are given below.

The biggest cause of obesity is fast food. New types of fast food are coming in the markets every day. While working in office etc., people depend more on these fast foods, due to which the amount of fat in the body increases and people become obese.

Sometimes people's obesity is genetic. In other words, those whose parents are obese then genetically they also become obese.

Eating irregularly also increases obesity. Some people do not have control over their food and eat something whenever they feel like it. This irregular eating is responsible for the obesity of such people.

If you are sleeping more than necessary or for some reason you are not able to get enough sleep, then the chances of obesity increase. Read home remedies for good sleep here.

Polycytic ovary syndrome affects 10 to 20 percent of women during their pregnancy. Due to this, testosterone level increases in women, which causes obesity.

All these are the main causes of obesity, apart from this there are some things that can increase obesity.

Ways to lose weight and reduce obesity

First thing in the morning, put lemon in 1 cup of hot water and drink it. After that, drink plenty of water after every meal throughout the day.

Whenever you want to drink tea etc., consume green tea only. The benefits of green tea are many. Milk tea contains a lot of fat. If you drink coffee, do not drink more than one cup throughout the day.

If you want to reduce your obesity, then do not use sugar in any way. Sugar increases fat a lot. Along with this, do not eat pasta, Chinese etc at all. Do not use wheat flour in your food in any way. Go instead and use gram flour.

Eat as many green vegetables as you can. It does not increase obesity and also replenishes vitamins in the body. Be careful when eating carrots because it contains glucose, which increases fat in the body.

Do not eat more than 4-5 times a day. In this 4-5 times, your breakfast etc. are all included. In other words, you should not eat more than 4-5 times in 24 hours.

It is better to eat foods rich in fiber. Nutrients are also obtained from fiber-rich foods and fat does not increase.

It is better to avoid consuming market products as much as possible. There are a lot of calories in the products made of oil in the market. So avoid it.

Consume foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It would be better not to eat chips, popcorn, cookies, cakes etc. because they contain carbohydrates, which is one of the main reasons for increasing fat.

Do not eat anything after 7 pm. So make a diet rule in one way.

Consume black pepper, ginger, seasonal etc. in any way possible. It is best to grind black pepper in hot water and drink it. Read about the benefits of ginger here.

Various types of stress-related hormones increase in the body. This type of hormone also increases obesity. One way to reduce these hormones is to reduce stress. So stay free from stress.

Do not eat non-vegetarian food at all. Fat is present in large quantities in meat etc. Therefore, the increase of fat becomes very natural due to the consumption of meat. You can eat eggs, but only the yolk. Egg yolk contains more fat.

Add cinnamon, ginger, pepper etc. to your food. These things will increase the insulin resistance in your body and reduce the amount of sugar. Reducing the amount of sugar makes it easier to reduce fat.

A very good way to reduce obesity is to fast one to two days a week. Choose a day according to you when you can fast. Have a light meal on this day.

Exercise regularly.

All the points given above were related to eating, but they are not enough. You need to get at least 40 minutes of physical activity a day

Example of physical work out for weight loss/obesity reduction

You can also dance aerobics at home, once you learn it from the Internet or from a trainer

Pranayama In Pranayama, you can do pranayama like kapal bharti, annomviloma, but learn them carefully.

In yoga, you can do surya namaskar or you can also do power yoga, but do yoga first by learning it from an instructor.

Gym weight exercises are also beneficial and there is no harm in this This makes the body strong and shapely

Cardio With the gym, cardio i.e. walking, running, cycling is good for fat burning.

Generally, you have heard that gym, yoga or aerobics become a habit and you gain weight as soon as you quit It is correct in many ways but it is not wrong to get used to all of these, it is not a drug that can lead to death, but it is an easy way to keep the body healthy. Stay away from such things

If you want to lose weight, then along with eating and drinking, physical exercise is also necessary, which should be done at any time in the morning or evening. You can also do it in the afternoon if you are not able to give time in the morning or evening

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