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If the tooth is eaten by worms, should it be pulled out or filled with fluoride cement?

If the tooth is eaten by worms, should it be pulled out or filled with fluoride cement?

In recent times, awareness about the disease is increasing among the common citizens. But oral and dental health is not given much attention. Common dental diseases are found in most people. It can happen at any age.

Even if we are healthy, if our teeth are not cleaned, various oral and dental problems may appear, starting with the weakening of the teeth and the occurrence of worms. The most common of which is the problem of tooth decay. If there is no treatment during this period, the tooth will become useless.

Causes of tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs for various reasons. If you don't clean properly after eating, your teeth will get dirty and get cavities. If you eat too much sugary food, it gets stuck in your teeth, sticks, chips, bread, noodles, biscuits etc. If you don't rinse your mouth after eating, there is a higher chance of getting worms in your teeth.

After the bacteria stuck in the tooth decays, it produces acid. That food gradually softens the teeth and the mineral in the teeth wears away. Minerals are elements that keep teeth strong.

As the teeth grind, the food gets stuck more and more. Worms started to spread, but if hygiene is not taken care of, if the dental examination is not done, the part of the tooth will be eroded and the tooth will be stained. When the food gets stuck, you have to use something like a toothpick to remove it. The worm reaches the nerve of the infected tooth and the tooth hurts.

After tooth decay

The sooner you find out about the worm in the teeth, the easier and more effective the treatment will be, so you should have a dental examination once in 6 months or once a year if possible.

The surface of the tooth becomes black when the worm starts to infect the tooth. If the tooth has just started to get infected, it can be filled with cement. Similarly, if the tooth has become hollow due to worm infestation, cement can be applied in two steps.

If the tooth is painful, swollen and loose, it can be understood that the tooth has been eaten by worms to the root. Root canal treatment (RCT) should be done. This is a root treatment method, not as easy as cement filling. The process of RCT treatment can be a bit long. After the RCT, a mandatory cap should be worn, which helps to strengthen the teeth and also increases the life of the teeth.

Even if there are only a few pieces of teeth and gums after being eaten by worms, treatment can be done to save them. After the first RCT, a post and core is placed on the inside of the tooth as a pillar-like support. On top of it, cement is filled in the shape of a tooth. The post and core are made of prefabricated. When this method is not possible to treat, the last option is tooth extraction. That is, if there is no bone and gum layer when seen by X-ray, the tooth will be extracted. Which rarely happens.

How to fill cement in teeth?

Worm-eaten teeth are filled with various fluoride-containing cements. Fluoride-containing cement prevents tooth decay and prevents mineral deficiency.

In children, teeth are filled with glass ionomer cement GIC. It plays a major role in the fight against insect damage. As it provides fluoride, the chances of tooth decay is very low.

Adults are filled with cement called composite. After filling it, the cement looks like a tooth and because it is strong, composite is preferred. Which does not dissolve even with water and saliva. There are different types of composites. The best-regarded composite is from the Beautybond company. Earlier, it was customary to fill with silver cement. Because mercury is a harmful element for the body, that method is not used now.

How effective is tooth filling?

After filling with cement, the tooth is not as strong as before, but filling is an effective treatment. For this, you should pay attention to make your teeth clean and healthy as much as possible. Even those who have filled their teeth, if they pay attention to the hygiene and care of their teeth, the cement can last for a long time. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that the cement filling will last so long, but the place that has been eaten by insects is filled with cement.

There is a possibility that so much cement will come out. So don't panic if the cement comes out. But it should be filled with cement again as soon as possible. The more delay in filling with cement, the weaker the tooth.

Ways to prevent insect infestation

You should brush your teeth twice a day. Brush your teeth with a soft brush, especially in the morning and evening after eating, using fluoride toothpaste. If possible, floss with dental floss twice a day. After eating junk food as a snack in the afternoon, you should rinse your mouth as much as possible because it is sticky.

Keeping the teeth clean is much talked about but not much attention is paid to the tongue. Even if the tongue is dirty, the breath smells bad, the mouth smells bad. Therefore, if you clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner every time you brush, it helps to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Paan, cigarettes, pollen are like enemies of teeth and gums. These things should not be eaten as much as possible because they can affect the enamel of the teeth, get worms and even affect the gums.

Not when there is a problem with the teeth, but to prevent the problem from occurring, you should have a dental examination once in 6 months. If the tooth is infected with worms, it should be filled soon. The more cavities are caused by worms, the weaker the teeth become.

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