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Why does the baby live outside the womb?

Why does the baby live outside the womb?

Many physical changes occur during pregnancy. When the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus, pregnancy begins. But in some pregnant women, there is also the problem of the baby sitting outside the uterus.

The husband's sperm and ovum combine to form a 'zygote'. The process of forming the zygote takes place in the fallopian tube and later it comes to the uterus. It grows in the uterus for nine months. Due to various reasons, the zygote does not come to the uterus and gets attached to fallopian tubes, ovaries, fat on the top of the intestine, intestines, and the lower layer of the uterus and tries to grow there. It is called 'ectopic pregnancy' or 'ectopic pregnancy'. Generally, 1 to 10 percent of pregnant women have 'ectopic pregnancy'.

The fertilized embryo should come to the uterus and develop. But instead of going to the uterus, it stays in the fallopian tube or elsewhere. The fetus cannot grow there, so it ruptures. In many cases, they only know when they burst and bleed.


The first symptom of an ectopic pregnancy is the cessation of menstruation. In addition, there is a lot of nausea, lower abdominal pain and bleeding. If the child has ruptured even while sitting, it may cause fainting, dizziness, heavy bleeding and even death.

Because the baby is outside the uterus

– Infection of the inner layer of the uterus

- In case of damage to the tube due to infection

- Other problems of the uterus and fallopian tubes

- If the tube has been operated before

- Congenital problems with the uterus and tubes

Something to note

Most of the women with ectopic babies go to the hospital when their condition worsens. This problem is a problem within three months after pregnancy. After stopping menstruation, check whether pregnancy is present or not. If you are pregnant, you should have an ultrasound in 6 to 8 weeks. The condition of the baby is known during ultrasound.


If the baby is outside the uterus, it should be treated immediately. If the problem is detected before eight weeks, the treatment is a little easier. Then there is a possibility of cracking. Bleeding occurs due to rupture and loss of blood. The ruptured area should be surgically cut and removed. If there is a lack of blood, blood should be given.

Can the child be saved?

Previously, when the child was outside the womb, both the mother and child could not be saved. Later the mother could be saved. Now mother and mother's fertility can be saved. But even if the ectopic pregnancy is detected in the unruptured condition, the child cannot be saved.

Therefore, the couple should make a plan before conceiving. If a health check-up is done after consultation with a doctor, it will be found if there is any problem and if the pregnancy is conceived after treating that problem, both the mother and the child can be healthy.

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