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Marital happiness: why women are not sexually active?

Marital happiness: why women are not sexually active?

Often women are not forward for sex. In some cases, they have sex only to satisfy and please their husbands and partners.

Even during sex, men are more active than women. Most women are passive. What is the reason for their lack of sexual desire? Focusing on this topic, a conversation with psychologist Karuna Kunwar:

Are women physically and mentally ready to have sex with men when their mood changes?

Most of the time, it is men who are the first to have sex. When men are interested in sex, women are also getting ready. In many cases, a woman may not be physically and mentally ready to have sex with a man's mood.

Men naturally prepare for sex every day. But sometimes the sexual interest in women is more and sometimes less. During 'Fertilization' women have more sexual desire and other problems are less. Therefore, it is not necessary for women to be ready when men's mood changes.

A woman should be ready as soon as a man is interested, will women also get sexual pleasure from this?

A woman may not get sexual pleasure when a woman is ready to become interested in a man. Because women also need to be ready to get sexual pleasure. If women are not ready for sex, they are not physically and mentally ready either, which makes sex more painful than pleasurable. A woman can achieve sexual pleasure only if she has a desire.

Is there any pain when a woman has to participate in sex immediately?

When you engage in sexual activity without being mentally and physically ready, the vagina becomes dry and painful. Also, she feels pain when trying to have sex when forced by a man.

How do they prepare themselves mentally when they become sexually interested in their husbands?

The type of relationship with a person and how long the relationship is can also arouse interest in women. The woman is not ready, but the man is ready, he has created the atmosphere for sex and taken care of the partner, given love and respect, then the woman can also be mentally ready soon.

According to the husband's mood, he has to participate in sex, so can the woman also be equally interested in sex?

If the husband is ready for the relationship but the wife is not ready, it does not mean that there will be no relationship. Not only the sexual relationship, if the relationship at other times is smooth, the interest in women can also be equally aroused.

Why are women not the first in sex?

Socially and culturally, women in our society are taught from an early age that they should not talk about sex. When women discuss about sex, they do not lead to sex due to family and social tendencies that question their character.

Naturally, women have less desire for sex than during fertilization, which is why they are not as sexually advanced as men. But due to the recent development of education and society, women have also started to open up about sex.

Are they not interested in sex until their husbands are ready?

It is not that a woman has no sexual interest until her husband is ready. Women cannot keep their desires open like men. Even if she expresses her desire, she does not express her interest because she is afraid that her husband will think something bad.

In what other situations is sexual intercourse painful for women?

Taking care of both home and office work makes women's daily life burdensome. This causes physical and mental fatigue in them, as a result they are not able to be sexually active and relationships can be painful.

In women, lack of sexual desire causes the vagina to become dry, which can make intercourse painful. Uterine infections, sexual or urinary infections and other health problems also cause women to lose interest in sex and are also painful.

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