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How important is a mother's touch for children?

How important is a mother's touch for children?

When we hug, hold hands, and touch, we are psychologically encouraged. Which is considered very important for emotional happiness and healthy development. Happiness and health are not only associated with touch. It also provides thrills.

When you touch or positively caress someone, a kind of positive wave is created in the body. This kind of touch provides working energy and also has a positive effect both physically and mentally.

The research was led by Dr. University. Zhou Feng Chen said that it is very important for all mammals to feel a pleasant touch. A pleasant touch is not the only way to exchange feelings. It even reduces pain.

Touch is also a way of raising children. He said that holding the hand of the deceased is very powerful and gives the impression.

Animals care for each other through touch, while humans hug and shake hands to exchange feelings. That is why touch, massage, or therapy reduce pain. It also benefits the mentally and physically challenged.

In the research, Chen bred mice without a neuropeptide called prokinetic-2. Due to this, the mouse could not feel the pleasant touch. But he did show some reaction.

Research has shown that mice with a lack of pleasant touch sensation at birth are more likely to be under severe stress. Pleasant touch plays a significant role in the growth and development of the child.

Touch serves to convey a sense of belonging as well as to spread love and affection. Animals lick their offspring because of their pleasant touch. From which they get relief and satisfaction.

Dr. Sudarshan Basnet says that a mother's touch is very important for children. "Mother's touch not only makes children happy and healthy," she says, "but it also contributes greatly to physical development as well as mental development."

Mother's touch is also called 'first line treatment'. Due to touch, not only the body of the child is healthy but also the mental development. When a mother touches her baby, caresses it, hugs it, and moves its limbs, positive hormones are transmitted to the body. Basnet explains.

This kind of touch helps to develop the body of the child and mentally show them, love, make them happy, make them laugh, and make them feel happy. Due to the touch, the mother's affection and a touch of the child can be understood, loved, and even deepen the feelings.

These five gifts can be the best for a mom

Mother is the most loving creation in the world and a sacred relationship. Mother, a word that encompasses the vast meaning of life and the universe.

Mother is ready to endure any kind of grief. She is ready to hide any pain. Mother is ready to go through any ordeal. Just for the sake of your children. The happiness of the child is the ultimate satisfaction of the mother.

Matatirtha Aunsi i.e. the day to see mother's face. A special day to remember mother. Of course, no reference is needed to show love for the mother. However, Matatirtha Aunsi can be made special and memorable for the mother. Therefore, at this time it is customary to give a gift to the mother by feeding her sweet masino.

Such gifts bring joy and happiness not only to the mother but also to the children.


Mobile has become a necessity now. Increasing urbanization has deprived millions of mothers of children. Mothers are in the village, children in the city. Mothers are in the country, and children are abroad.

In this way, mobile can be a bridge to communicate, to exchange love. She can communicate with her estranged children not only on audio but also on video. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

Whether listening to the radio or watching photos and videos, mobile is useful. In the past, parents used to read religious texts. Such content is now available in audio. So whether it's lighting a torch or looking at a watch, mobile does everything.

Mobile has many other features or apps, which can be useful for them.

Clothing to wear while exercising and walking

Now everyone is health-conscious. They have started exercising. They have started walking or running in the morning and evening. This is how parents walk for health and well-being. They can also exercise. Can do yoga, pranayama. In such cases, sari, lungi, kurta suruwal, etc. may be uncomfortable. So they can buy loose trousers, t-shirts, sports shoes. Such a gift is very useful for the mother.

Indoor plant

Indoor plants can also be a great gift for mom. The room where the mother spends most of her time can be decorated in such away. There are many such indoor plants, which work to purify the air when kept indoors. Similarly, it looks attractive.

The mother's heart leaps when she sees the chirpy chat room and the corresponding decoration. It also keeps them mentally healthy. At the same time, since the flower needs to be taken care of and watered, it also keeps it physically active.

Household items

Most children now work. Some are doing employment, venture, business, or study. In this case, the mother may have to stay home alone all day. If you need to have hot water and hot snacks while staying at home, the same kind of rent can be arranged. For example, an electric jug for heating water, a hot case for keeping food hot, an oven for heating food, etc. are useful. Therefore, such materials can also be given as gifts to mothers.

Photo album

The days of photo albums are over. The practice of decorating and storing printed photos is disappearing. However, when mothers grew up, photo albums were especially important. Such a photo album can make them nostalgic. That is, they can return to their childhood, and youth and it will make their mood romantic. There are other rules for collecting photos of the mother and keeping photos of different times and surroundings.

The best gift

The best gift for mom is your happiness and health. If you are an alcoholic, smoker, or other addicts, it is the mother who suffers the most. If you get rid of these addictions and tell your mother about them, there will be no greater happiness for the mother.

Suppose your tendency is corrupt, immoral, oppressive, selfish, antisocial, then at some point, your real face will be exposed. Your mother will suffer the most. If you give up such a corrupt attitude, it will be the best gift for a mother.

The simpler you live, the happier your mother will be. Your happiness is what makes a mother happy. So your health and happiness can be the best gift for mom. A mother's health and happiness should be taken care of equally.


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