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How to become an air hostess?

 How to become an air hostess?

Air hostess. This is an amazing profession in itself. The skyrocketing profession is as exciting as it is responsible.

Another interesting thing is that you can experience different weather instantly. Different geography can be found. On top of that, there are proper services and facilities. Who can take up such a profession? What qualifications are required? Where to train? How much does it cost? What is the demand for such manpower in air service? How much is the salary?

Generally, limited training is required for air hostesses. It doesn't cost much. There are some institutes in Kathmandu where training on-air hostesses can be taken. There are about a dozen such institutes across the country. There are seven institutes in Kathmandu, one each in Chitwan, Pokhara, and Butwal.

How to become

There are some physical criteria for becoming an air hostess. It is important to be smart, attractive, decent, and confident. How to create such a personality? It is taught in training. In this course, the hospitality, care, and information flow of the passengers are practiced. At the same time, how do handle the passengers inside the plane in case of emergency, and how do normalize the uncomfortable situation? They should have knowledge of it.

This course can be done by both men and women. Women are called air hostesses and men are called flight stewards.

President of the Nepal Air Hostess Academy, Pradeepraj Vanta, says that air hostess courses are less expensive and shorter, so there will be 100% employment in this sector.

‘Young people's attachment and inclination towards air hostess are increasing now. The only reason for this is to get the job done on time, in a short time, and inexpensively, 'says Vanta.

Students who have studied Air Hostess Plus Two can study. This does not mean that they get it by reading this subject. No matter what subject you study, you can study this course.

How much does it cost?

According to Vanta, this course takes three to six months to complete. It costs him Rs 50,000 to do this course. Dress and copybook are included in this fee.

"From the moment a passenger gets on a plane to Orlando, the hospitality is the identity of the plane. It is the job of the air hostess to entertain the passengers and provide comfort, 'says Vanta.

What kind of students are allowed to study?

- Passed Plus Two in any subject

- Women's height should be 5 feet 2 inches and men's height should be 5 feet 7 inches

- Not less than 18 to 28 years of age

I- Going to swim for international flights

- Interrupted English language

- No need to take daily medicine

- No tattoos in visible places

- Must have not undergone a medical operation

- Must be physically and mentally beautiful and attractive

Topics to read

- History and type of aircraft

- Passenger safety

- Passenger hospitality

- Fire fighting

- Dress and makeup

- Foodservice

- First aid method

- Personality development

- Self-defense

Areas of employment

- Airport

- Airlines

- Airport lunch

- Ground hostess

Work to be done

- To entertain the passengers

- To make the passengers feel safe

- Taking command of the passenger

- To comfort the passengers in difficult times

- To flow information

- Providing weather information

- To check the identity card

Monthly earnings

According to Vanta, a minimum of Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000 is earned monthly on national flights and Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000 a month on international flights.

Opportunity even abroad

According to Vanta, the air hostess has employment opportunities not only in Nepal but also abroad. Nepali air hostesses get the opportunity to work even on foreign planes.

According to him, Nepali air hostesses are getting employment opportunities in Air Asia, Qatar Airlines, Emirates Flight, Fly Dubai, and Singapore Flight from Nepal.

According to Vanta, the foreign airline has given priority to honesty, tolerance, friendliness, attractive efficiency, and mental and physical health of the flight attendants for employment from Nepal.

Every aircraft should have a staff nurse

It is now customary to have a staff nurse on every aircraft as a passenger may faint while flying at a high altitude. Vanta argues that if a passenger has a health problem and faints, a staff nurse will be on board for the passenger's health.

Anamika Chaudhary of Lalitpur Patan, who has been working as an air hostess for 20 years, is now working as a cabin crew at Buddha Airlines.

Saying that the inclination of the youth towards air hostesses has been increasing lately, Chaudhary said that the attraction towards it is also increasing as it is cheaper and faster to get the job.

"Young people are becoming more and more attracted to air hostesses as they travel around the country and look for new places," says Chaudhary.

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