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Can animal fat be eaten instead of oil?

Can animal fat be eaten instead of oil?

Doctors say that oil is harmful to health.

Nutritionists say that oil is essential for the body.

The ad says, "Oil strengthens the heart."

Society is in confusion. Does oil benefit or harm? Does oil increase heart disease or strengthen the heart? Is it OK to eat too much oil?

Everyone's kitchen consumes the refined oil available in the market. There are many brands of oil on the market. These are refined oils, the quality of which doctors are not sure about. So they suggest reducing the use of oil in food as much as possible. Why

According to nutritionists, the market oil we use every day is not pure. That is, they are of poor quality and mixed. Nutritionist says that the oil we use in vegetables is as harmful as junk food.

"We need to be careful when eating processed oils from the industry," says Arem. Homemade mustard oil and ghee are good fats. Using it does not have any negative effect on our health. '

Doctors say that using low-quality oil can affect the heart and circulatory system.

Not all types of oils or greasy ones, but low-quality, low-quality, and blended oils can be harmful to the heart, says senior heart surgeon Premraj Vaidya explains. There are different types of fats. Among them, Transfat is a very bad one, 'said Dr. Vaidya says, "A lot of trans fat is found in vegetable oils. In addition, when the same oil is used for two or three days, it becomes thick and contains a lot of trans fat."

What kind of fat is healthy?

There are three main types of fats - saturated, unsaturated, and trans fats. It was said that ghee should not be eaten too much as it contains saturated fat. It is said to be good to eat as the oil is unsaturated. Dr. Prem Raj Vaidya, a senior cardiac surgeon, says that trans fat should not be eaten.

Both deep-fried foods and oils contain trans fats which are harmful to health. Its use raises cholesterol and causes heart problems.

So trans fat is also found in the yogurt we eat and also in the meat. However, its limited use does not have a significant effect on health.

Dr. According to Vaidya, trans fat is one of the unsaturated fats. So it is better to eat ghee now. However, using vegetable oil and frozen oil is considered bad.

It is advisable to use less amount of unsaturated fats. Since lentils, rice, vegetables, corn, etc., which we eat also contain fat, the amount of fat reaches the body even when we use a little oil.

How much fat is needed for the body?

One of the most important nutrients for a healthy body is fat. This fat is supplied through various foods. Also, the body produces fat.

Nutritionist Aram Karki says, ‘Fat is needed for cells to form in the body. According to him, fat is also needed to absorb vitamins like A, D, and E. Fat provides energy to the body as well as vitamin D. As fat also acts as a lubricant in the joints of bones, daily intake of fat is essential for the body, says nutritionist Karki.

"Daily, we need to include 25 to 30 percent fat in our diet," says a nutritionist.

A source of fat

More or less fat is being supplied from various foods we eat. Oils, fats, fats, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs, etc. are sources of fats.

Similarly, seeds, okra, almonds, lazy, sesame, and avocado from various foods provide a sufficient amount of fat. Daily vegetable oils and animal fats provide essential fats to the body.

"The oil we use daily in the kitchen is a source of essential fats for the body," says nutritionist KP Lamsal.

If vegetables are cooked without the use of oil, the body will not be able to absorb most of the vitamins that need to be absorbed into the body without changing the fat. So oil is essential for cooking and for the body to absorb the vitamins it needs. Nutritionist Lamsal says that it is necessary to use low-quality oil.

Animal fat instead of oil

The price of oil used daily in our kitchens has gone up. On the one hand, the purity of the oil is in doubt, and on the other hand, its price has skyrocketed. Therefore, some people are interested in the alternative of oil, and whether animal fat is suitable. Some have used animal fats as bhutun instead of oil.

So can animal fat be used as an alternative to refined oil available on the market?

Nutritionist Arem Karki says, ‘Looking back at history, about 70 years ago, people used to cook in ghee or fat. If it is harmful to health, then fat and cholesterol will cause more problems like heart disease and obesity. '

His argument is that now that the use of those fats has decreased, the number of people getting these diseases should be reduced. However, heart disease and obesity are on the rise, meaning that fat, such as fats and fats, is not bad for health, he said. "Animal fat is one of the most nutritious foods in the world," he says. "So animal fat can be used instead of oil."

Here nutritionist KP Lamsal says differently. He says that using animal fats instead of oil is not good for health. "Animal fats supply the body with the fat it needs. However, it is not a good source of fat and is not beneficial from a health point of view, "says Lamsal, a nutritionist.

Pure oil, just like fat, raises cholesterol

The oil that we use in our daily life as bhutun enters the body and increases the amount of fat and cholesterol in the body. And, in the long run, it will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, so use less oil.

Vegetables cannot be cooked without the use of a limited amount of oil and our body needs a few percent of the fat obtained from them. However, its excessive use can affect the circulatory system and cause problems such as heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure.

If you eat too much greasy food, the amount of fat increases, and it becomes difficult for the body to digest the food. Vitamin D and vitamin A in other foods may not be absorbed well if you consume a lot of fat.

Vitamins D and A are needed for the heart so it is not supplied. In addition, eating too much greasy food only increases cholesterol in the body and accumulates a layer of fat in the blood vessels. This can lead to risks such as high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

This is not to say that all of the fat sources we use are harmful to health. Vegetable ghee, a highly processed oil is very harmful. However, cow's and buffalo's ghee is relatively less harmful.

Sunflower oil is healthier when compared to vegetable fats, animal fats, and sunflower oil. Attention should be paid to the quality of oil used.

Using animal fats instead of cooking oil is even more harmful. First of all, it affects the digestive system. As fat-soluble oils are high in cholesterol, it is advisable not to use them as an alternative to oil.

Make a diet to increase body weight in a short time

An adult needs 1500 calories per day. If it is less than 1300 calories then the energy of the body is also decreasing. That is why people are getting thinner.

Such a person is said to be lean if he does not weigh according to his age. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness, according to nutritionists.

‘Our food is eaten by worms or parasites. It weakens the body's immune system. If there is a chronic infection, the body is getting thinner, 'he says.

If an adult with leanness consumes the following things, he can gain weight in a short time. Upadhyaya suggests.

Daily diet schedule for weight gain

- From 7 to 7:30 in the morning eat two loaves of bread, milk, eggs, two okra, cashews, and almonds.

Eat a banana with curd or milk between 10 am and 10:30 am.

- 1 to 2 cups of rice, 1 cup of pulses, and 1 cup of vegetables to eat between 1 and 2 o'clock in the afternoon, giving more emphasis on vegetables and potatoes.

- Between 4 and 5 pm, a cup of a soaked gram and sprouted gram and chiura oil and sour can be eaten as a snack, including sweet fruits, fruits, mangoes, and melons mixed to eat.

The evening meal should be eaten by 8 o'clock and the meal should include pulses, rice, and vegetables as well as fish and meat. If meat is eaten in the morning, it is better to eat green vegetables in the evening. Emphasis should be placed on different types of food rather than always eating the same food.

Similarly, water should not be drunk half an hour before mealtime and up to half an hour after a meal. Soak the nuts in the type of dal and sprout it and drink the liquid with pleasure.


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