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Monday, November 6, 2023

Eye exercise is essential

 Eye exercise is essential

We are talking about diet and exercise to make different parts of the body healthy. But we don't pay much attention to the eyes that work regularly other than during sleep.

To keep the eyes healthy, one should pay attention to everything from exercise to hygiene. Then how to exercise the eyes?

Eyes should be cleaned before doing eye exercises. Close the eyes and wash them with clean water. After that, the water that has been boiled in a pot should be placed in an eye cleaning pot, a cup or in the hand and the eyes should blink. If you want to do it with Aywas cup, you can put it in your eyes and blink once with your head looking towards the sky and blink again while looking away. It helps to flush out the debris and dirt stuck in the eyes.

These 7 exercises can be done after doing Aivasa.

Eye opening

After cleaning the eyes, close and open the eyes once. This should be done as soon as possible. In the same way, one should squint the eyes, grind the teeth and shake the head. Both these exercises can be repeated five to ten times.

Turn the eyes downwards

To keep the eyes healthy, you can do the exercise of looking at the pupil upside down. Keeping the head straight, the pupil of the eye should be raised without bending the forehead. It should be done once by looking at the sky and the next time by looking at the ground. This exercise can also be done as fast as possible for five to 10 times. With this kind of eye exercise, the nerves and muscles of the eyes are strengthened, which does not reduce the brightness of the eyes.

Crossing the eyes

The pupil of the eye can be exercised by first crossing the right top left bottom, then the left top right bottom. It should be done as soon as possible.

Roll the eyes around

Another exercise on the eyes, in which the eyes should be rotated all around. Both the eyes should be rotated once up right down left and then the exact opposite from left to right should be rotated at least 10 times. Then close your eyes for two minutes and relax. Then it should be repeated again.

Practice looking at the line

In this, the thief finger of the right hand should be kept in line with the eyes. Look carefully at the fine line visible on the upper tip of the finger, take that finger away from the eyes once and bring it close to the nose once. This should be repeated five to ten times.

Eye strain

The eyes should be adjusted to keep them sharp. Heat your palms by rubbing them together and close your eyes. The palm should be kept on the eyelashes for 6 seconds. This process should be repeated up to three times. By doing this, the eyes will get immediate relief.

Tratak method

This is a yoga method. In which one should sit in one of the yoga poses. After that, the light of a candle or a lamp should be placed at eye level at a distance of 5-6 feet. Then you should look at that dim light with tears and close your eyes for a while and meditate.

All these exercises can be done twice a day in the morning and evening.

Benefits of eye exercises

Exercise removes dirt from the eyes, increases light, and improves eyesight. It also helps to get rid of the problem of wearing glasses. It makes the eye veins flexible and flexible.

As exercise balances the eyes, it cures problems such as eye focus out. Eye hygiene and regular exercise can prevent problems such as eye burning, pain, and itching.

But these exercises should not be done if there is an infection in the eyes, redness, or eye diseases. Exercising at this time can cause problems such as eye damage or pain.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Five Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Five Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Now, most of our time is spent on the screen. Especially as the use of mobile is increasing, the 'screen time' has lengthened. At the same time, we are spending more time on computers and laptops. It has affected our eyes the most. On top of that, the eyesight is getting weakened due to pollution and bad lifestyle.

How to keep the eyes healthy? It has five simple rules.

1. Good food

Eating is also related to eyesight. Some foods help increase eyesight. For example, fish, spinach, fruits, and green vegetables.

2. Blinking eyes

Blinking helps keep the eyes healthy. It keeps the eyes fresh and stress-free. People who use computers blink less. Such people need to blink their eyes every second.

3. Eye exercises

You can also keep your eyes healthy by doing some eye exercises. For this, you should rub both your hands together and when the hand is hot, you should lightly place it over your eyes. This reduces eye strain.

4. Sprinkle with water

You should wash your eyes with clean water from time to time. This prevents dehydration in the eyes and keeps them healthy. When you return home from outside, you should wash your face and splash water in your eyes.

5. Regular checks

People with poor eyesight should have their eyes checked regularly. Even if your eyesight is good and you have no difficulty reading or writing, you should have your eyes checked at least once a year.