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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Facebook bringing bio-metric feature in Messenger

Facebook bringing biometric feature in Messenger

Social networking site Facebook is testing a new feature for its messenger app. This feature will make the Messenger app more secure.

According to Engadget, under the new feature, Messenger will receive biometric authentication tools in the app. Users will be able to use it through Face ID and fingerprint. Remember, this feature is already available on WhatsApp.

This feature allows users to schedule a lock on the app. For which there will be 4 options. The first option is After I leave messenger. That is, when the user exits the Messenger app, the app will lock itself. Apart from this, users will also have the option to lock the app in 1 minute, 15 minutes and 1 hour.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the new Messenger feature is currently being tested and made available to a number of iOS users. Soon some Android users will be able to use this feature.

Facebook has recently added new features to its platforms. It recently introduced a safety notice feature to protect users from cyber fraud. This feature allows users to receive alerts of any suspicious activity. This feature also provides information on scam identification to the user. Agency

Facebook fired for asking questions about Trump's remarks

WASHINGTON: Facebook has fired an employee who criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for remaining silent over US President Donald Trump's controversial remarks.

An engineer named Brandon Dale was recently fired by Facebook. Dell also announced on Twitter that he had been fired by the company. Despite the recent social and political turmoil in the United States, Facebook owner Zuckerberg has remained silent, and Brandon has publicly criticized him.

Brandon was dissatisfied with Zuckerberg even after Zuckerberg did not respond to the anti-apartheid 'Black Lives Matter' campaign in the United States. Along with Brandon, Facebook has laid off more than a dozen employees. Out of which 6 are engineers.

Zuckerberg has been criticized for political reasons for his silence on the anti-racism movement. Facebook has fired Brandon. But the reason for his dismissal has not been disclosed.

Protests have erupted in the United States over the murder of George Floyd, a black man, by a white police officer in Minneapolis. President Trump has tweeted against the protesters. But Twitter has been checking facts and hiding Trump's latest remarks. Facebook owner Zuckerberg has been criticized for remaining silent.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

'Drone' conveys corona awareness message

Madhyapur Thimi Municipality of Bhaktapur ward no. The general public has been urged to follow the logging by using drones in one area. By connecting hand mic to the drone, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality ward no. 1 is blown inside.

Madonna Thimi Municipality Ward no. 1 Chairman Suraj Khadka informed. He clarified that drones were used to warn the people when they started coming out of their houses even though the government announced to lock them down.

"People's representatives, volunteers and security personnel cannot go everywhere," said Khadka. "Again, not everyone has access to all information and informative messages." That's why we're using drones to follow the lockdown and miking ways to prevent corona virus infections. ' According to him, the drone, which weighs about eight kilograms with a hand mic, hovers over the houses of the people in one ward of Madhyapur Thimi Napa for about half an hour at a time. He said that the drones have been flying repeatedly in places where they have not reached once.

But the drone was not provided by Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and Ward Office. Ward Chairman Khadka said that the drone was arranged by Pokura Innovations Pvt. Ltd. in Kupandola, Lalitpur. "The entire cost of flying the drone has been borne by Pokura Innovations," he added.

According to him, it is estimated that it will cost around three lakh rupees to fly the drone. A team of engineers Ram Khanal, Sushil Khadka and Sajan Amatya, led by Gokarna Jung Thapa of Pokura Innovations, has been operating the drone. Drones are also a safe technology to prevent them from spreading.

According to him, the drone-carrying hand mic has been broadcasting audio messages including the possible effects of corona, measures to be taken to avoid it, adherence to lockdown and urgent information about the possibility of infection. Apart from much-needed work, people are not allowed to go out during the lockdown. Khadka clarified that the drones were used to control the increase in the number of people going out of their houses and opening shops outside the stipulated time.

Government increasing surveillance on drones

As the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has increased in Nepal, the government is preparing to make policy arrangements to regulate this type of flight called drone.

Although drone flights are currently being managed by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Procedure 2072, government officials say new arrangements are being made because the "hastily issued" procedure is not sufficient.

Venezuela: 'President Survives Drone Strike'

The option to 'shoot' the drone blocking the airport

According to Home Ministry spokesperson Ram Krishna Subedi, the committee formed to identify the security challenges posed by drone flights in detail and formulate working procedures will complete its work within the next two months.

The committee comprising officials from the Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority and various security agencies will prepare working procedures based on the opinions and suggestions of all, said Subedi.

Current system

According to the procedure issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in order to fly a personal drone, permission for the frequency has to be obtained from the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The Ministry of Communications has allowed drones to fly at frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, said Anup Nepal, Deputy Secretary, Frequency Management Division.

Nepal informed that most of the drones are built on that frequency and the drones on this frequency do not need permission from the Ministry. However, in the case of devices with different frequency connections, permission must be obtained.

It is designed for telephone and airplane communications and is designed to avoid the frequency used by security agencies.After the frequency, permission has to be obtained from the Ministry of Civil Aviation with the consent of the Ministry.The drone can be flown only after fulfilling the flight conditions and getting the consent of the Home Ministry.

Government eye

Although various countries around the world have implemented strict policy rules on drones, government officials acknowledge that the monitoring of drones in Nepal took place only after the catastrophic earthquake of 2072 BS.

After the drones were operated arbitrarily to collect the details of the human and material losses in Nepal after the earthquake, the government had made public the procedure by stopping such flights for the time being.

According to a Home Ministry official, the government's attention was drawn after foreign bodies and media outlets captured pictures and videos of various parts of the country from drones "indiscriminately" in the days following the quake.


The use of drones, which became widespread much later than in developed countries, is now being used for a variety of purposes. Officials say the use of drones for surveying, studying, filming, filming music videos and documentaries has increased. Personal marriage and fasting these days the number of applicants for capturing activities on camera is increasing.

"Every day, one or two people come to us to get information about drones," Nepal told the BBC Nepali service.

"Not all people come because other bodies look at drones. In that sense, the number of people coming to get permission to fly drones can be very high."

Although various restrictions have been imposed on flying drones that can capture large and audio-visual images, small-sized entertainment devices have not been tightened.

However, even such small drones cannot be flown in restricted areas.

Many opportunities

According to government officials, drones could be used in various parts of the geographically remote country. He said that the government is positive that services can be provided easily by using technology, especially in places where there is no access to health services. Some young entrepreneurs are using drones to collect blood, urine and sputum samples from people in remote areas and test them in other places, and after the tests, they are discussing with various agencies to send the report and medicine from the drones, officials said.