Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What is the sweetness of life?

What is the sweetness of life?

Generally, how and to what extent any lust attracts a person depends on the level of body and mind. Therefore, sometimes even when we are walking unintentionally, we are suddenly fascinated by a lust. How many people have so much negativity in their minds that they don't feel any smell at all. Because people need a special kind of sensitivity to feel a certain smell.

We must have realized this ourselves. When many things are floating in the mind, then we do not even feel the fragrance of flowers. But when our mind is happy, the environment around us begins to look colorful and the scent of flowers suddenly begins to be felt.

The flower was always fragrant. It was spreading fragrance in the atmosphere. The thing is, we needed something that we didn't have to feel that scent.

Whether it is flowers or other plants. Be it soil or life. Everyone has their own fragrance. It has its own characteristics. But to feel that, it is necessary to have a certain kind of sweetness within oneself.

It is important to have a kind of happiness within yourself. So that when they go out, they talk to the plants. In ancient times, people discovered the usefulness of thousands of species of plants in this way.

For this, they did not need a microscope or any microscopic study. We came to know about such Ayurvedic medicine because the plants said this through various means.

Plants speak when we have nothing to speak about and we remain silent. Only when we have something to talk about do we understand our existence. Gain information about the limits of existence.

For example, about 20 years ago, the use of phones was very low. People used the phone only when there was an emergency. Times have changed today. Every man has a smartphone in his hand. So people today have countless things to talk about.

Yes, technology has enabled us. It is because of technology that we have been able to move forward. We can use such technology for good work. There is no dilemma in this.

But as soon as the battery of such technology or smartphone runs out, then due to the lack of a charger to charge it, we automatically start to disappear. Lack of batteries, lack of smartphones, we suddenly start to feel like idiots. In other words, the main reason for our smartness is our phone.

In this sense, Swadhisthana and Manipuraka are two dimensions by which people can do many things. The further we go, the less capable and more discriminatory it becomes. In a way, it is the result of Manipurak Swadhisthana and Muladhara.

Manipura Swadhisthana and Muladhara are the centers of body nutrition. It can reproduce what the body needs. And, these two together create life. Manipura only handles it. In this sense, manipuraka is very important in life.

Every cycle of life can move in its place. But especially since manipuraka is more dynamic, it tends to move from one place to another. Because this is the place where the 72,000 nerves in the body meet and reconnect. So, people can speed up their manipurak in different ways.

While Swadhisthana is the soul and the place. This is the place of the subconscious mind where life experience and its shadow are stored from the very beginning of human existence.

The mainstream stores all our karma, while Swadhisthan activates it. Swadhisthana awakens clarity and develops a personality.

Similarly, the mainstream relates to the unconscious mind where the karma and experience of the previous life are stored. This determines our future destiny. And, it is also the foundation of human personality development. It invigorates, inspires, and develops a personality.

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