Friday, September 11, 2020

What to do in an ear infection?

 What to do in an ear infection?

Ear infections are more common in children. There is a possibility of water getting into the ears while bathing or drinking milk from the mother. It infects their ears and causes them to ripen. If you are careful about the safety of your ears, this problem will go away on its own.

However, if the ear continues to ripen or blood and pus come out of the ear, it should be treated. This is because an ear infection can cause such symptoms. This problem also occurs in case of ear injury.

Occasionally there is a runny nose, which is considered normal. This is because of the dirt coming out of the ears. But if blood and pus come out, it indicates many problems.

Water can get into the ears while bathing or swimming. Similarly, cutting the ear indiscriminately can cause injury to the inside. There is a possibility of ear infection due to such reasons. Ear infections can cause watery, itchy, swollen ears, or blood, and pus. As the infection progresses, hearing and hearing may decline.

Cleaning the ears, traveling in an airplane, or diving into the water can cause ear injuries and holes in the eardrums. This causes fluid to flow from the ear when the inner part of the ear becomes infected.

What causes fluid to come out of the ear? The diagnosis can be found on the same basis. Doctors may prescribe ear drops, pain killers, or antibiotics for symptoms such as infections, pain, and swelling. Similarly, if young children have a fever or two, the doctor may prescribe ear drops for them.

If the infection is caused by a ruptured eardrum, the medication should be taken, which will quickly fill the ear canal. If the hole is not filled, the doctor may perform a minor operation.


-If someone has an ear infection, you should stay away from it.

- Do not put antibiotic ear drops after swimming in a canal or pond

- Do not clean the ears with any sharp or dirty object.

- Don't forget to wear earplugs when there is a lot of noise or cracking.

-Do not put too much pressure while cleaning the nose, it can affect the eardrum.

- Do not put your finger in the ear repeatedly.


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