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What is bronchitis?

What is bronchitis?

Children and the elderly are particularly at risk for bronchitis. Similarly, smokers also have more problems with bronchitis.

Bronchitis causes swelling of the trachea (bronchial tube). As a result, people with bronchitis cannot get enough oxygen or air through their lungs.

Problems with bronchitis are caused by exposure to viruses, bacteria, smoking, or chemicals. When the respiratory tract tissue is stimulated, the noise in it stops working. Due to which mucus (sputum) fills the respiratory tract and becomes more irritated. As a result, people with bronchitis tend to have more coughing problems with darker sputum.

Types of bronchitis

There are two types of bronchitis, acute (acute) bronchitis, and chronic (chronic) bronchitis.

The problem of acute bronchitis is short-lived, caused by bacterial infections, pollution, and chemicals. This problem usually develops after the flu or the common cold. Symptoms include chest problems with sputum. Sometimes there are fever and breathing problems. Acute bronchitis lasts from a few days to a few weeks. The problem of bronchitis is more common in children due to small airways. This problem is also considered common in the elderly.

With chronic bronchitis, the patient may have difficulty breathing. And, this problem is becoming more and more chronic. In which the health condition of the patient is deteriorating day by day. And, the patient may feel tired and have difficulty breathing, and may need artificial oxygen.

Bronchitis has three stages, the first, the second, and the third.

Bronchitis has three stages, the first, the second, and the third.

In the first stage of bronchitis, the cough is normal. In this, the lungs work up to 80 percent. In the second stage, the virus that causes acute bronchitis spreads through the respiratory tract to the lower part of the lungs and produces sputum. Which even makes coughing worse. At this stage, the lungs are 50 to 70 percent functioning.

In the third stage, the viral infection is cured in a few days. However, post-bronchitis syndrome tends to appear in the later stages of bronchitis. In which it takes a long time for the patient to recover from coughing and respiratory problems. At this stage, the lungs can only function 30 to 50 percent.

Why does bronchitis occur?

Acute bronchitis is caused by a virus, which develops after a cold or flu. Chronic bronchitis is caused by smoking. However, chronic bronchitis can also be caused by a recurrent onset of acute bronchitis.

Besides, exposure to air pollution, dust, toxic gases, and chemicals can cause bronchitis.

Symptoms of bronchitis

Symptoms of bronchitis include irritation of the bronchi, swelling, coughing, white, green, or gray sputum, sore throat, fatigue, fever, cold, chest pain, or runny nose.

Smokers weakened immune systems, children and the elderly are at higher risk for the disease.

Bronchitis can also be treated with Ayurvedic treatment, which is as follows:

Ayurvedic treatment of bronchitis

- The problem with bronchitis is increasing rapidly now. Children and the elderly are at high risk. In addition to sugar in milk, one or two teaspoons of honey can be taken to relieve bronchitis to a great extent. If you mix honey in milk and drink it regularly, the cough will disappear immediately. It doesn't burn.

Boil a pinch of turmeric in a glass of milk and boil it with a teaspoon of native ghee on an empty stomach two or three times a day to reduce the problem of bronchitis. Moreover, by adopting this measure regularly, the problem of bronchitis is gradually decreasing.

-South and cinnamon grind equally to make its powder. And, boil a teaspoon of its powder in half a glass of water. And, consume it hot. It provides immediate relief from the problem of bronchitis.

-South and Harrow should be mixed well to make powder. And, half a teaspoon of this powder mixed with two teaspoons of honey to get relief from the problem of bronchitis. The problem of bronchitis can be relieved even if it is taken regularly for one month by mixing five grams of the south in 15 grams of gud.

-Two teaspoons of ginger juice taken with two teaspoons of honey can also relieve bronchitis. Regular consumption of one apple or one or two teaspoons of amla juice also gives a lot of relief from the problem of bronchitis.

- Cut three cloves of garlic and boil it with milk and consume it before going to bed at night to get relief from bronchitis. Generally, garlic has antibiotic properties as well as antiviral properties. Therefore, it is beneficial for bronchitis patients to consume it as much as possible.

Besides, smoking is a major cause of bronchitis, so it is important to stay away from smoking and caffeine and alcohol. Also, stay away from people with the common cold. Get vaccinated against flu and pneumonia every year. Hands should be thoroughly cleaned. Also, avoid cold and pollution and keep warm by using warm clothes.

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