Friday, September 4, 2020

Nepal has pushed back 22 places in internet speed, the situation is the worst in two years

 Nepal has pushed back 22 places in internet speed, the situation is the worst in two years

Nepal's position in the global broadband speed league has slipped. Nepal, which was ranked 128th in the world last year, has slipped 22 places to 150th position this time.

At the same time, Nepal's internet speed has reached the worst level in the world rankings for the past two years. Earlier, in 2018, Nepal was ranked 144th (out of 200 countries). Nepal jumped 16 places to 128th last year (out of 207 countries).

But in 2017, Nepal's situation was even worse. Out of 189 countries, Nepal was ranked 169th. Although Nepal's place in the world rankings has slipped, internet speed is improving.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, the download speed of broadband internet in Nepal has increased from 0.97 Mbps, 2.36 Mbps to 3.62 Mbps and now it has reached 5.22 Mbps. However, during the lockdown period, the speed decreased to 4.52 Mbps.

Compared to the fastest internet in the world, Nepal

Before the lockdown in Nepal, the average download speed of the Internet was 5.22 Mbps. It took two hours, 10 minutes, and 52 seconds to download a five GB movie.

Liechtenstein in Western Europe has the fastest internet in the world. Where the average download speed is 229.98 Mbps. It takes only 2.58 minutes to download a five GB size movie.

The next top ten countries with fast internet are Jersey, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Monaco.

The average internet download speed is 218.37 Mbps, 213.41 Mbps, 183.09 Mbps, 118.05 Mbps, 116.88 Mbps, 110.45 Mbps, 105.32 Mbps, and 104.98 Mbps respectively.

Neighboring Nepal

Of the 27 countries in Asia, Nepal's internet speed is ranked 18th. The top five fastest internet countries in Asia are Hong Kong (105.32 Mbps), Singapore (72.75 Mbps), Taiwan (54.77 Mbps), Japan (54.77 Mbps), and Malaysia (46.82 Mbps).

The average download speed of Nepal's neighboring countries is 13.46 Mbps in India, 20.73 Mbps in Sri Lanka, 5.88 Mbps in the Maldives, 3.24 Mbps in Bangladesh, 12.58 Mbps in China, 2.09 Mbps in Pakistan, and 4.62 Mbps in Bhutan.

Where the world's worst Internet speed

When it comes to fast internet speed, very slow internet speed is not discussed. In 71 out of 221 countries of the world, the internet is running at a slower speed than in Nepal. The worst internet in the world is in South Sudan.

Where the average download speed is only 0.58 Mbps. It takes 19 hours and 31 minutes to download a five GB movie. Earlier, the top five countries with slow internet were Yemen (0.65 Mbps), Turkmenistan (0.74 Mbps), Equatorial Guinea (0.75 Mbps), and the Syrian Arab Republic (0.76 Mbps).

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