Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Must wear a mask until the vaccine is developed?

Must wear a mask until the vaccine is developed?

The world is now waiting for the corona vaccine. But there have been rumors that the virus should survive until the vaccine is ready. The only way to avoid this disease is to be careful. Corona vaccine testing is currently underway around the world. But since it takes time to complete the testing process, experts have suggested ways to prevent it.

According to experts, the virus is targeting people with weakened immune systems. In this case, if scientists believe that the mask is a method that not only protects against viruses, it also indirectly plays a role in gradually developing immunity in the body.

Why is wearing a mask effective?

According to scientists, the mask does not completely prevent the corona, but it does reduce the risk of infection. Any so-called deadly virus, even if you take simple precautions, is not life-threatening. Many people die when they are not aware of many diseases as normal.

Effective mask in research

According to Monica Gandhi and George Rutherford of the New England Journal of Medicine at the University of California, wearing a mask greatly reduces the risk of the corona. One study also found that the mask filters out saliva containing corona. Similarly, wearing a mask reduces the inoculum in the body of any person. Not only this, but this principle was also used in mice. Even then, this theory has succeeded.

The study found that masked mice were less likely to be infected than other mice. This means that the mask reduces the risk of infection.

According to scientists, wearing a mask makes the virus less likely to enter the body.

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