Friday, September 4, 2020

Build a prototype of a self-charging battery that is thousands of years old

Build a prototype of a self-charging battery that is thousands of years old

 How about not having to charge your smartphone or laptop? Everyone thinks that Anand would have been able to use it once he bought it. But the battery with so much capacity has not been made yet.

But the American company NDB has come up with a prototype of thousands of years old self-charging batteries with the courage to prove one possibility. The company has been developing and manufacturing nanodiamond batteries, which are clean and green environment friendly.

NDB has successfully tested the concept of its nanodiamond battery. One of the tests was performed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the other at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University.

In both tests, NDB's battery technology managed 40 percent of the charge. The latter result is a huge improvement over the 15 percent charge collection efficiency of Standard Commercial Diamond.

This exploration by NDB will create a new proprietary nanodiamond treatment. This will help to make a battery by extracting a very good electrical charge from the diamond.

The basic purpose of this development is to commercialize the battery life up to a maximum of 28,000 years. It is made from carbon 14 nuclear waste wrapped in synthetic diamonds.

This battery does not emit carbon while working. It needs open air to work. It is technically a battery as its charge can be used.

The one-time charge is longer than the lifespan of the device. So it is also a kind of charge-free solution.

NDB expects the battery to be a usable power source. So that even ordinary people can use it.

The NDB aims to use it on aircraft, EVs, trains, and small devices such as smartphones, small industrial sensors that can be worn.

The company is currently working on a prototype of the first commercial battery. The company is preparing to make it public by next year.

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