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Risk of cancer due to poor lifestyle

Risk of cancer due to poor lifestyle

As long as we live, many processes related to life continue in our bodies. One of these actions is to become cells. In this process, the old and dead cells of the body are destroyed by themselves but new cells are formed in their place. This process continues in our bodies.

However, in the case of cancer, red blood cells, and white blood cells in the body begin to grow unnecessarily. These cancer cells slowly spread throughout the body and interfere with the functioning of healthy cells. These diseased cells are called cancers.

Our bodies, like computers, have many types of coding, which are passed on to our bodies by our parents through genes. Cigarettes, tobacco, drugs, and the wrong diet change the genetic code of our cells and this is what causes cancer in our body. Therefore, our lifestyle is responsible for getting cancer or not.

According to doctors, poor diet and lifestyle are the main causes of cancer. Inactive people, people who smoke, and people who smoke are at risk of cancer.

The risk of any type of cancer is high in people who smoke and smoke. Therefore, to avoid serious diseases like cancer, the use of tobacco should be stopped immediately.

Smoking can cause lung cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and cervical cancer. Tobacco and gutkha can cause cancer of the mouth and digestive glands. Cigarettes are found to be the biggest cause of cancer in 90 percent of cases.

Cigarettes enter the body when smoking bindi or cigarettes. These elements convert healthy cells into diseased cells and these same cells turn into cancer. There is also danger in not smoking cigarettes or bindi but constantly in contact with second-hand smoke.

Alcohol is dangerous for the body and it also increases the risk of cancer. Prolonged consumption of alcohol increases the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, and anal cancer.

Uncontrolled weight gain can also lead to cancer and other serious illnesses. To control weight, you need to work hard every day.

It is said that if you work in one place all day, you will have to exercise for half an hour in the morning or evening. It is also important for the health of the body that the calories we eat should be used. Otherwise body fat starts to accumulate and obesity starts to increase. Obesity increases the risk of bladder cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, etc.

A nutritious diet is needed to protect the body from disease, to get the energy it needs for fitness and to work all day. A nutritious diet means fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and dried fruits.

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of oil, spices, and rations used at home. When buying fruits, make sure that no chemicals are used to cook them. Consumption of adulterated and chemical milk and cheese, sweets, and dishes made from it can also be harmful to the body. Let's use nuts and pulses as much as possible in food.

Junk foods are also high in calories and use many harmful ingredients to enhance the taste. Therefore, the body should take only the required amount of nutritious food

The sun's rays are good for the body, but only to a limited extent. Weight loss will be followed by exposure to the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the body. Prolonged exposure to these rays increases the risk of skin cancer.

Sunscreen protects against the effects of these harmful rays to some extent. But, apart from this, it is better to cover your whole body when you go out in the sun. Wear sunglasses and darker clothing to protect your eyes from these harmful rays.

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