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Causes and treatment of vaginal cysts

 Causes and treatment of vaginal cysts

You may have heard of growing meat in the uterus. But do you know that flesh can also grow in the vagina?

The problem of growing flesh in the vagina is called 'vaginal cyst' in medical language. If it is identified early, it can be easily treated. But if there is a delay, the situation can become critical.

What is a vaginal cyst?

A lump filled with fluid in or around the vagina is called a 'vaginal cyst'. It can appear small, large and undetectable. Usually, this problem can be seen during pregnancy, childbirth and after menopause.

the reason

There is not only one reason for this problem. It can be caused by injuries, infections and hormonal changes.

Injury: During delivery, the baby may come out due to surgery or injury to the vaginal wall. This problem can be accidental, which cannot be prevented.

Obstruction in the gland: Due to injury or infection, obstruction of Bartholin's gland causing fluid accumulation in the vagina can lead to swelling. Which in medical language is called Bartholian cyst. Comparatively, this cyst is the most visible.

Infections: Bacteria from sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can also infect the vagina or around it. Therefore, condoms must be used while having sex.

Congenital: In some, this cyst can be congenital. The concrete reason why it appears has not been discovered.


Symptoms do not show as soon as the flesh grows in the vagina. Which is barely known during the health examination. In some cases, some symptoms appear.

- Growing lumps of flesh around the vagina

- There may be pain and burning while having sex, walking, sitting, defecating, cleaning with tissue paper and using tampons.

- May have fever.


To identify it, look at the shape first. According to the size, it is decided what kind of examination will be done.

In some cases, a biopsy is also done to identify whether it is cancer.

Similarly, the liquid contained in it is examined to identify whether it is a sexually transmitted infection.

If the congenital 'cyst' has increased, MRI is used to see how far the cyst has spread.


If there is a small knot, it can be washed with hot water. If it is due to infection, surgery is done along with the use of some antibiotics.

If the test is suspicious and the size is large, it can be removed by small surgery.

Can it be prevented?

The problem of flesh growing in the vagina cannot be prevented. But if you pay attention to hygiene and have safe physical relations, the risk can be reduced.


If the cyst is due to infection. If not treated in time, the infection from the cyst can spread to the blood.

Apart from that, it can spread through the urinary tract, uterus and stomach. Therefore, if you experience any suspicious lumps, lumps like flesh in the vagina, you should immediately see the relevant doctor.

'I got to see and touch my baby only five days after birth'

I was busy shooting when I found out I was pregnant. The work of the film had already started and there was no way to stop it. So I didn't take a break. The baby was growing in the womb. I was in the rush of filming.

Pregnancy is certainly not easy. Only those who experience it know how physically and emotionally relaxed it is at this time. Vomiting, reluctance to eat or feeling bored. It was more difficult for me. I was working non-stop until I was five months pregnant.

I know that at that moment I need enough rest. Body and mind too. From the time you are pregnant, you have to pay attention to your diet, you have to pay attention to your physical fitness. But I didn't get such facility.

It is not possible to arrange everything as you want in the shooting. You don't get the taste you want, you don't get the ease you choose.

I used to vomit most of the time. That's why I didn't want to eat food. Fruit juice and coconut water were cut for five months.

I listened to bhajans to relax my mind

The state of mind of the mother during pregnancy directly affects the unborn child. What does the mother think, how does she think, what is her feeling, what is her state of mind? Accordingly, it also affects the mental development of the child. That is why it is said to be calm, positive and happy at that moment.

Even in the midst of work, I tried to keep myself calm as much as possible. Listening to bhajans and chanting Om was a regular thing in the morning.

However, I think that I am positive. So I didn't feel like I had to do anything extra to bring positive feelings. I stayed away from unnecessary thoughts. I used to do something to keep myself busy. Like listening to songs, listening to bhajans, spending time with dear friends, eating what you want to eat, watching movies.

"The doctor said - surgery may be necessary"

I think any woman wants to have the experience of becoming a mother, no matter how much pain she goes through. I also wanted to experience labor pains. I had also mentally prepared for a normal delivery.

But the doctor said - 'Surgery may be necessary.'

If this happened, many problems occurred during pregnancy. I had to go to the hospital many times and have to be examined. He had to stay in the hospital two or three times. Before giving birth, I was very tired.

The date of delivery was Baisakh. But we could not wait for the appointed time. We were shocked to hear the doctor's suggestion to give birth prematurely due to various complications.

Parents are as happy as their child is born, they are also afraid. Will my child be perfect or perfect? Is his health okay? Many such things will make the heart hurt. Having to give birth before the scheduled time added more worries to us.

Not being able to see and touch your baby

After excruciating pain, I was admitted to Grand City Hospital, Jamal. Dr. According to Bina Basnet's advice, the process of giving birth to a child by surgery proceeded.

I could not see my child

Mother, this is not only a word but also a feeling. The feeling of being a mother cannot be expressed in words. It is something to feel or feel.

Not only humans, animals also raise their children with love. How much affection and touch they bring up. An animal that has been hungry for how many days feeds a child as soon as it gets some food. They protect their children no matter how dangerous they are. what is mother Similar examples also show.

When the child growing in my womb was being born, I forgot myself at that time. All my affection was showered on my child. I was eager to touch that baby. Give love with all your heart.

But everything is not under your control.

When the unborn baby is placed in the NICU

The baby was underweight. So he was kept in the NICU immediately after birth. I could not calm him down. I really wanted to cry. Even then, the mind will be weak. On top of that, having to keep my baby apart without touching her even once made my heart break.

When the baby comes out of the womb, his organs have to spontaneously adjust to the external environment. But in some cases this may not be the case. In some cases, the baby is kept in the NICU for special care.

I was saddened, even that ignorant child could not touch his mother. He did not get his mother's touch and warmth. I was more pained by the child's pain than by myself. How much pain does a mother feel when she has to keep her baby apart after giving birth?

And I looked at the child as if to die

Only after five days I was able to touch my child to the point of death, to see him.

In childbirth, we often see other people. But that situation is not so easy. If we have one delivery girl, there are many others to teach. Some say to do this, some say not to do this. Some say to eat like this, some say not to eat like this. At that time, people's behavior would also make them feel bored.

On the one hand, the wound was not healed because the child was born through surgery. It hurt there. On the other hand, there was a lack of appetite for food. Mood swings were caused by stress, pain and fatigue. During pregnancy I ate normal vegetarian food. I emphasized more on fruits. Other food was not eaten much.

If you are not strong, it will be difficult to take care of the child accordingly. At first, the baby could not be breastfed. Formula milk had to be given. Later, when the body became stronger, I breastfed.

Oxytocin hormone is said to be released in the body when breastfeeding or touching the baby. Because of this hormone, the love between mother and child is stronger. Oxytocin is called the love hormone.

Be a mother and take a look

In fact, the joy that a mother feels when she hugs, kisses, holds her baby, plays in her arms, can hardly be explained. When you keep a piece of your heart on your chest, your feelings melt like this, tears fall from your eyes. You want to cry, you want to laugh, you want to love. That mixed feeling?

As a mother, she bears the pain of her children

Being a mother, sharing the joys of children

I felt that mother is not the same earth. When I became a mother, I missed my mother a lot. I remember at other times too. The feeling after becoming a mother is different.

After suffering so much pain, a mother lives for her children. When the baby cries, it hurts the mother. A mother's heart is happy when a child laughs. Forget yourself and give love to your child. They are able to give up everything for the child. Everything is bearable.

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