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Normal vaginal bleeding: No need to clean frequently

 Normal vaginal bleeding: No need to clean frequently

Genital hygiene is very important during menstruation, pregnancy and sexual intercourse. Because if there is no proper hygiene in the genitals, the risk of infection is high.

Due to the fear of infection, some people take special care in cleaning it. They clean and wipe after going to the toilet. This is not quite right. If there is abnormal discharge from the genitals, then cleaning is necessary. But normal vaginal discharge is not only natural but also necessary.

Normal vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) protects the genitals from external infections. Prevents the fear of infection from external germs.

Vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) and its function

Vaginal discharge is the discharge of liquid from the vagina. It is usually composed of cells and bacteria. Which helps to clean the vagina, make it soft to maintain sexual relations and also helps to fight external bad bacteria and infections.

Vaginal discharge is a natural and normal process. So it is normal to have some amount of discharge every day. But if there is excessive fluid flow daily, it should be seen by the doctor.

Most women or teenagers have a little discharge daily, but during ovulation, its amount is more than at other times. Which is sticky white discharge which is natural. Some women may experience changes in discharge due to infection or sexually transmitted diseases, which is known as abnormal discharge.

How to recognize normal vaginal discharge?

The color of normal vaginal discharge is light white or white. It has no bad smell. But its color is different and if it has a smell, it may be due to an infection or disease. For example, yellow, brown or green discharge indicates bacterial or sexually transmitted infections. If it appears white but thicker than normal, it may be due to a fungal infection, which will clear up after treatment.

It is not necessary to clean as soon as it is 'discharged'

It is not necessary to clean it as soon as it is 'discharged' as its job is to prevent any kind of infection. This is a normal procedure, but if there is an excessive amount, a panty liner can be applied. Vagina is cleaned naturally with the help of healthy bacteria and those bacteria prevent some infections, so it is not necessary to clean it frequently. Special care should be taken as too much cleaning will have more negative effects.

How to clean?

The vagina should not be cleaned frequently. To clean the vagina once or twice a day, you can clean it with 'Bhivas' which is easily available in the market. Even clean water can be used to clean the vagina once a day and after urinating, tissue paper can be used to dry the vagina. When cleaning with excessive amounts of water, there is a possibility that the bacteria in the external water will also reach the inside.

Most of them clean it as soon as they have vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge). But vaginal cleansing also protects the vagina from infection to some extent, so it should not be cleaned immediately.

How to keep vagina healthy

-Women should change clean cotton panties daily. Wearing synthetic panties cannot absorb fluids, which increases the risk of infection.

- Take a daily bath. While bathing, the vagina should be cleaned only with Bhivas.

- Do not use scented soap, gel or other feminine products.

- Do not wear tight underwear or sweaty clothes for a long time.

-Wipe the vagina from front to back. It prevents bacteria from entering the vagina from the anus.

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