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What shampoo is good for hair?

What shampoo is good for hair?

Although shampoo is used by everyone, many people do not care about the best shampoo for their hair. There are many types of shampoos available in the market. Shampoo companies often advertise models with beautiful hair to sell their products.

But in reality it is not as shown in the advertisement. If you follow the advertisement and use shampoo randomly, it will damage your hair. Shampoo should be used only keeping in mind the nature and temperament of the hair.

Shampoos are usually normal, dry, oily, color resistant and keratin softening. Normally, normal shampoo is used. If it is very dry, dry hair shampoo should be used.

Dry shampoo contains emollients and conditioning agents or moisturizers. It is better to use anti-residue shampoo because of smooth hair type. It helps in removing greasiness from the hair. Anti-dandruff shampoo should be used if there is dandruff in the hair. Color lover shampoo is good for colored hair to help the color last.

Similarly, if there is dandruff in the hair or there is an infection in the scalp, it is best to use a medicated shampoo. Similarly, keratin sulfate free is considered suitable for this.

All these shampoos can be used keeping in mind the texture of the hair. It makes the hair soft, healthy and beautiful. Shampoo can be purchased in the fragrance you like.

Shampoo available in the market

Sunslick, Dove, Livav, Argan, Palet, Pantin, Himalayan, Lolier, Mamaartha, Tresme, Hair and Shoulder, Selson shampoos are very popular. In all of these, Oily, Normal, Dry, Hair Fall Control, Color Love Shampoo, Cellson, Anti-Dandruff, Keratin Hair Mask types are available. Apart from this, keratin shampoos are also available.

Why is shampoo better than soap?

Shampoo is hair friendly but not soapy. Soap contains more harmful chemicals than beneficial ingredients needed by the hair. Similarly, when taking a bath with soap, you have to rub your hair for a long time, due to which the roots of the hair become weak, and the hair may become dry and have problems. But the shampoo is made according to the type, nature and condition of the hair.

Different types of ingredients are mixed in the shampoo. Generally, color, water, fragrance, chemicals, moisturizing agent, serum, conditioning agent, glycerin etc. are mixed. In addition, the agent (moisturizer) that makes the shampoo attractive is also used. Apart from this, lemon, cherry, honey, rose, cucumber, ghee and other hair beneficial plants are mixed in it. Which makes the hair shiny and attractive.

How to use shampoo?

Shampoo can be used every time you take a shower. But if you are in the habit of bathing every day, you can wash your hair with shampoo on the first day and conditioner on the second day and then use shampoo on the lower part of your hair. This reduces the effect of shampoo chemicals on the skin. Similarly, there is no need to keep using shampoo on the hair.

Mix shampoo and water in a bowl as needed before bathing. Only then should you use shampoo. Because when used in this way, the shampoo is not limited to one place but spreads all over the hair. Fizz also comes well. Similarly, the effect of chemicals used in shampoo is also reduced.

In such cases, shampoo should not be used

Do not use if there is any infection on the head, headache or allergy due to the shampoo itself. In such cases, shampoo should be used only after consulting a doctor. Also, do not use expired shampoo.

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