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Meat is nutritious, but it also increases disease

Meat is nutritious, but it also increases disease

Now the community of those who stop eating meat is growing all over the world. According to a report published in the BBC, the number of people giving up meat for the sake of the environment and animal welfare is increasing.

It is written in the BBC, "If we talk about Britain, one third of citizens are claiming that they have stopped eating meat." Even in America, two-thirds of citizens say that they are eating much less meat than in the past.

But even though the number of vegetarians is increasing in the world, the consumption of meat has not decreased. In the last 50 years, meat consumption has been increasing rapidly in the world. In addition, meat production has also increased. There are basically two reasons for the increase in meat consumption, one is population growth. Another thing is people's purchasing power.

The method of meat production is also different in developed countries. Animals are raised there for any purpose. Young and healthy animals are slaughtered with as little pain as possible. The meat produced in this way is stored and sold according to healthy standards.

But we do not have a procedure to check how much meat produced is edible. Nor is the animal's health checked before slaughter. For this reason, doctors here suggest to control the amount of meat as much as possible. A summary of some studies says, "Especially red meat can cause heart disease, heart attack and some types of cancer."

Nutritionist Bhupal Baniyan says that consumers in Nepal are forced to eat low-quality meat because the Meat Inspection Act cannot be implemented effectively. He says, "When businessmen sell and distribute meat without testing, the people here are forced to eat low-quality and unhealthy meat."

The Slaughterhouse Acts have been framed under the Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act-2055. There are many laws such as checking before slaughtering animals, checking the meat of slaughtered animals, marking or marking the meat. If the law is not implemented, there is a provision of a fine ranging from 5 to 20 thousand rupees and imprisonment for up to one month. But all these laws have not been implemented, nor have the relevant agencies monitored whether they have been implemented.

We eat chicken meat because chicken meat is healthier than red meat. But in order to make the chicken marketable quickly, the businessmen use a large amount of different types of antibiotics in the feed,'' he says.

It is not that all businessmen have given antibiotics to chickens beyond the standard. Some have even produced and sold chicken meat according to the standards. An example of that is the Valley Cold Store, said Baniyan.

Baniyan says, "Earlier, Khasiboka was reared in the village. But now, grain is fed to make the chicken grow faster. As a result, it takes a lot of fat. He says, 'The amount of saturated fat in beef is high. As a result, consuming too much beef can cause heart problems.

The raw meat of Ranga contains various types of germs including worms and 'microbacterial contamination'. Baniyan says, 'If this meat is not cooked properly and eaten, it can cause kidney and liver problems in the long run.'

"How to cut meat, how to sell, etc. standards are not only in foreign countries but also in Nepal. But since there is no body to monitor whether that standard is met, Baniyan says that diseased and low-quality meat can cause various diseases.

In this way, eating meat with a lot of antibiotics may not cause any problems, but over time, chronic diseases may increase. Therefore, if any animal's meat is fit to be eaten, the vet doctor advises that it should be sold and distributed only after examining it and saying that it is fit to be eaten.

How edible is the fish?

From the point of view of health, Baniyan says that it is better to eat fish because it contains protein and omega three. "But since the fish produced in Nepal cannot meet the market demand, fish are imported from India and other countries," he says.

Even after bringing it to Nepal, formalin is used to keep it on sale for a long time. Baniyan says that eating fish that has been kept in formalin for a long time can affect the kidneys and liver in the long term. Therefore, he suggests that when buying fish from the market, it is better to bring live fish than dead fish.

What does the food research officer say?

According to Food Research Officer Ujjwal Rayamazhi, protein obtained from meat has more biological value than that obtained from legumes. This means that the protein in the meat can be absorbed and used more by the body. That's why eating meat is good for health, Rayamazhi says, so it is consumed all over the world.

How healthy is the meat found in Nepal? How healthy are the animals used for meat? The relevant agency is responsible for monitoring the matter. But there has not been as much monitoring as there should be," says Rayamazhi.

He says that it is not true that the market is filled with meat that has been used in large amounts of antibiotics. Rayamazhi says. "According to some of our monitoring, many businessmen have worked according to the standards. But in Nepal, cattle rearing for meat and selling meat is done at home. this Some businessmen may have given too many hormones for profit.

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