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Do artificial teeth work like real ones?

 Do artificial teeth work like real ones?

  Dental problems are bothering many people now. Before reaching age, problems such as tooth wear, weakness, worm infestation, breakage, and grinding appear in the teeth. After natural teeth come out, problems arise for life.

The practice of placing artificial teeth after tooth loss has been going on for a long time. But do artificial teeth work like natural teeth? How much does it cost to keep such a tooth? Chirayu Dental Care's dentist Dr. Edited excerpt from conversation with Anil Yadav:

What causes teeth to fall out?

Not cleaning the teeth regularly, not taking care of the teeth causes tooth loss. Also, due to changing lifestyle, wrong diet and busyness, people are seeing the problem of tooth loss due to not taking good care of their teeth and mouth.

How to keep artificial teeth after tooth loss?

Artificial teeth are usually placed where there are no teeth. It is not necessary to remove the entire tooth to place artificial teeth. Even if one of the teeth is missing, an artificial tooth can be placed in that place.

In addition, artificial teeth can be kept in order to chew food, to improve damaged beauty, to prevent further damage to other teeth, and to prevent difficulty in speaking.

How many types of artificial teeth can be kept?

There are three types of artificial teeth. The first tooth to be placed and extracted. In addition to being cheap, such teeth can be removed at night before going to bed.

The second fix is teeth. Such teeth are usually fixed by taking the cover of the front and back teeth when they are correct. Fixed teeth are like natural teeth.

Third tooth implant. Generally, dental implants are placed in a place where there are no teeth. In such a place where there is no tooth, a fake root made of metal is placed in that place and a tooth is made in that place, which in medical language is called crowning.

Do these teeth work like natural teeth?

Artificial teeth that can be placed and removed do not work as well as dentures, but they work well when placed between the teeth and chewed. Because fixed teeth do not need to be removed, they can be cleaned just like natural teeth. It works like natural teeth to bite and chew food.

Implanted teeth also work like natural ones. There is no problem in biting and chewing food.

What should be considered when placing artificial teeth?

If there are permanent or removable teeth, then it may take time because you have to get used to biting food. It takes time to even talk to Shuddha, so you should pay attention to this.

After placing the artificial teeth, they should be removed at night before going to bed, so they should be kept soaked in water every day, and the next morning they should be cleaned and put on.

If a fixed tooth is placed, it should be brushed in the morning and in the evening just like natural teeth.

How much does it cost to have artificial teeth?

For elderly people who have lost all their teeth, removable artificial teeth cost 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. A fixed tooth that can be placed by a person without one tooth costs between 1500 and 18000 rupees. Another implant is a bit more expensive than the others. The cost of the implant is over 70,000 and it takes a lot of time.

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