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Why do people get old?

 Why do people get old?

Aging is a natural life process. But people hardly like to grow old. As people grow older, changes begin to occur in every activity. The eyes begin to weaken, the joints begin to weaken and the skin begins to thin.

A person has to go through various conditions to grow old. Man reaches old age through childhood, youth, adulthood.

There are various reasons why people get old, one of the main reasons is changes in DNA. DNA is a type of genetic code that is transmitted between cells. With increasing age, the transmission of these genetic codes begins to be disturbed and gradually begins to accumulate in the cells. This process is called genetic instability and when the DNA affects the stem cells, aging begins to appear, said geneticist Dr. Neelam Thakur says.

Other causes of aging

Chromosomal aberrations

At the end of each DNA strand is a cap-like structure that protects the chromosomes. These are called telomeres. As we age, this cap-like structure begins to fall away and the protection of the chromosomes begins to loosen, Dr. Thakur says.

When there is a disturbance in the structure of telomeres, the risk of many diseases increases. This increases the risk of lung problems and anemia. Both of these are serious problems related to immunity, she says.

Changes in funding

There is a special process in our body called DNA expression. In which thousands of genes in the same cell decide what to do. But time and lifestyle can change these instructions. In this situation, the cells also start to behave differently from their normal behavior and due to which the symptoms of old age begin to appear. Thakur says.

Decreased ability to renew cells

The body has the ability to renew itself to prevent the accumulation of damaged components in our cells. But this ability gradually decreases with age. Thakur says.

In this case, the cells begin to accumulate useless or toxic proteins, which can sometimes lead to Alzheimer's disease. Sometimes due to this, the risk of Parkinson's and cataracts also increases,” she says.

Mitochondria stop working

Mitochondria provide energy to the body. But with time they start losing their ability. Thakur says that their weakness also has a negative effect on DNA and leads to old age.

These are the main principles of aging. But apart from that, there are various reasons why people reach old age, which are still being studied, Dr. Thakur says.

In a study published in the science journal Nature, it has been claimed that scientists were able to remove wrinkles in mice by restoring mitochondria.

Signs of aging

Slow movement, weak brain capacity, wrinkled skin etc. are the symptoms of old age. But due to wrong diet and lifestyle, some people are showing signs of old age before reaching their age.

Why do people get old before their age?

Dr. Vikas Poudel, Dermatology and Venereologist

Senescence is a natural process as you grow older. But some people look old before their age. Premature aging is considered to be due to human genetics, diet and environment.

Heredity: Heredity plays an important role in various processes related to our age. Some people are prone to premature aging due to genetics.

Bad diet: Due to the lack of a balanced diet, if the right nutritional elements cannot be taken, the cells of the body begin to decay prematurely, which accelerates the aging process.

Processed food: eating a lot of processed food and fast food has a lot of negative effects on the body. As it contains more trans fat, sugar and unhealthy oil, it damages the cells of the body.

Excessive intake of salt: Excessive consumption of salt can cause water retention in the body, which leads to high blood pressure and other health problems. There is rapid decay in the cells, which causes premature aging.

Excess intake of sugar: Sugar weakens proteins like collagen and elastin, which creates problems in skin reconstruction.

Deficiency of nutrients: Due to lack of proper amount of vitamins and minerals (such as zinc, selenium), the cells of the body become weak.

Lack of protein: Protein helps in rebuilding body cells. If there is a lack of protein in the daily diet, then aging comes faster.

Stress and mental health: Stress, anxiety and depression can make people look older than they are. Staying under stress for a long time is harmful to health, which increases physical and mental problems.

Smoking and other drugs: Smoking has a number of negative effects on the body, including lung problems and rapid cell degeneration. It can make people look old before they reach their age.

Lack of sleep: If you don't get enough sleep, the body's rebuilding process is interrupted, which increases stress and weakens the body. Adequate sleep refreshes the body and slows down the aging process.

Bad lifestyle: Unhealthy lifestyle also causes premature aging. Poor diet, lack of physical activity and unhealthy habits weaken the body and accelerates the aging process.

In this way, premature aging is the result of various reasons. To reduce it, it is very important to eat right, have a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep and be stress-free.

Some interesting facts about aging

Height decreases with age. The space between the bones of the spine is a gap, which is called the vertebrae, with increasing age, the gap between the bones decreases and the distance between the bones decreases. As a result, the height seems to be reduced by an inch or two.

According to the United Nations, Japan is the country with the largest elderly population in the world. Japan is number one in the list of countries with the highest proportion of population aged 65 and above in the total population of the country.

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