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How do pain killers relieve pain immediately?

 How do pain killers relieve pain immediately?

Pain killer. The name is enough. Its job is to remove pain. Whether it is due to injuries or other diseases, if there is any kind of pain in the body, we take 'pain killer' to relieve it.

Commonly understood pain killers are called 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs'. It is used for temporary relief from various pains.

Pain killers mainly contain three ingredients, which reduce swelling, reduce pain and reduce fever. Some examples of pain killers are Cetamol, Flexon, Brufin and Nims.

There is also an experience of pain relief with pain killer food. What is in the pain killer, which reduces the pain in a short time? Does it have any side effects or not?

Why does it hurt us?

Why does our body hurt when we are injured or sick?

When we are injured, the body begins to supply more blood to the injured area. This blood also contains white blood cells, which are involved in wound healing. Along with these white blood cells, many important chemicals also reach the injured area. The main chemical among them is prostaglandin. This chemical causes pain and irritation.

How do pain killers reduce pain?

If the chemical called prostaglandin is not allowed to be produced, we do not feel pain. Pain killers do the same thing. That is, pain killers such as paracetamol or Flexon do not allow this chemical to be produced in the body. When painkillers are ingested, they slowly enter the bloodstream and reach the injured area and brain. In both places it inhibits the production of prostaglandin chemicals to reduce pain, so that the brain signals to us that there is no pain.

In what situation should you take pain killers?

When we feel hurt, signals from our body go directly to the brain, resulting in the message that we are in pain. Because we feel that pain, we start looking for its solution. That is, we start to understand why it hurts, how to heal it.

It simply means that pain is a sign. It means that there is something wrong in the body.

Some people don't take pain killers in case of pain. They think, 'Tolerating pain is good, taking pain killers is bad.' But enduring pain causes more physical and mental pain. If there is swelling due to repeated injuries, it is appropriate to take pain killers to reduce the swelling problem. If the pain is severe, you should take medicine to reduce it. Pain killers can also be taken to reduce fever.

Every drug has both advantages and disadvantages. In this case, pain killers also have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, pain killers should only be taken on the advice of a specialist who knows which pain killer is more beneficial for what kind of pain.

Body muscle pain, nerve pain or pain due to an injury. First you need to understand what kind of pain it is. No single pain killer works for all types of pain. There are different types of pain killers made for every type of pain. Therefore, it is important to be aware of which pain killer to take for which pain and which pain to not take.

Also a pain killer for chronic pain

Depending on the type of pain, duration, potential benefits and risks of the drug, the pain reliever should be chosen. Most pain killers are effective for pain. Such pain killers are less effective for sprained ankles, pinched nerves or pain caused by various diseases.

The patient is treated with 'platelet rich plasma' vaccine for joint pain. Platelet-rich plasma can be produced from a person's own blood. In particular, it is a type of blood cell (platelet). Platelet-rich plasma is a 'growth factor' that helps to regenerate when injured, thus helping to heal the injured area. It also helps to heal damaged ligaments, muscles, bones and joints.

If back pain is due to pinched nerve, then treatment should be sought according to the cause. In such a case, which one should be given 'steroid pain killer' or 'local anesthesia' to reduce the pain, or surgery to open the ruptured vein and then physiotherapy.

Things to keep in mind while taking pain killers

In all kinds of pain, the habit of going to the drug store and taking pain killers on your own without the advice of a doctor can cause various health problems. Overuse of pain killers usually leads to gastritis. Taking pain killers for a long time can cause kidney problems and heart problems. Therefore, pain killers should be taken only on the advice of a doctor after finding out the cause of the pain.

When taking pain killers, you should also pay attention to what time you take them. If we are taking pain killers that should be taken three times a day, we should take them 8 hours apart as much as possible. By doing so, it works effectively. Since the consumption of pain killers is generally more likely to cause gastritis, it is better to eat some food before taking pain killers.

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