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What makes people attractive?

 What makes people attractive?

There is a saying in English 'First impression is the last impression.'

This means that the impression you leave when you meet someone for the first time will be remembered for a long time.

How you presented yourself in the first meeting with someone, how you looked, your cover will be remembered by the second person. Besides, what can you say that touches the hearts of others? Is it attractive to others?

What is the common understanding that the beginning of a love relationship is how you looked at first sight?

However, a person can look attractive due to some other qualities. Are you acceptable? how do you speak How are you presented? How do you behave?

A survey was conducted on this serofero in America. A common question was asked in it, 'What other qualities are attractive to a person apart from his looks?'

The participants were of the opinion that material success like house, car is the lowest quality among the things that attract them. Rather, they said that qualities such as agreeing with their partner, speaking openly, and being intelligent are in a higher category than physical attractiveness.

How important is the cover?

Commenting on this survey, Greg Webster, a professor of psychology at the University of Florida, USA, says, 'In this kind of survey, people try to answer in such a way that others consider it good. Therefore, such a survey may not reveal the real truth.

So, in reality, people value the cover of others?

Psychologist Dr. Pooja Shivam Jaitley says, 'The initial attraction lies in the person's cover. However, there is a difference in the look of this person.

How do you look? That may be the first point that someone makes an impression on you. But one's beauty or cover cannot remain attractive for a long time.

It is determined by your personality, your needs and how you see the world. You may have liked it at first glance, but if there is no communication between you at that time, then the same thing may lead to differences. Listening to your partner and coming to an agreement is an important condition for any relationship to last.

You may have liked someone because of their cover or beauty. But if she doesn't care about you, will you still like her?

Measuring the personality of any person is not an easy task. For decades, psychometric tests have asked people many such questions in order to gain more information about their personality.

How to evaluate someone's personality?

How to evaluate the personality of a person in ordinary life?

Behavior expert and life coach Aastha Dewan says, 'A person's personality is made up of a few things. How easy is it to communicate with you? This is important.

Do you let the second person speak when you are having a conversation? What is your interest, what is your opinion, what is the value of life, what is your confidence? All these things are an important part of personality.

You may also have heard that 'opposites attract' when two people who are completely different from each other are attracted to each other. Because differences in personality also attract people.

Then a person is looking for such a friend, who is already familiar with him. Whose personality, lifestyle and social group match. This is the basic principle of attraction.

Aastha Dewan's comment on this is, 'Sometimes a person looks for his equal friend. Sometimes it looks different from itself. This is a human tendency.

Especially if there is similarity in your thoughts, qualities, preferences, you will connect with each other immediately.

In order to sustain any relationship, it is necessary to be compatible to be able to show your own values while staying together.

It is not that people always look for their equality. Sometimes he likes a personality very different from himself. If both fulfill each other's needs.

Dr. According to Aastha Dewan, attraction is more often with the opposite person than friendship. Friendship also happens quickly between two completely different people.

She says, "How many times a person looks for what he lacks in his partner. And together with each other, they make up for that deficiency.

It is very important for the relationship to agree on the attractiveness of the other person. Greg Webster, along with social psychologists Angela Bryan and Amanda Mahaffey, researched three personality traits.

These three qualities were being physically attracted to people. Second, to be economically influential. Third, to make mutual agreement.

In this study, it was found that these three qualities attract people to themselves?

Because each property fulfills basic needs like safety and food in one way or another. But dominance can be anything, good or bad.

Whether people are in a relationship or not, people want their partner to be socially, physically and financially dominant. But most people do not accept this. That dominance also becomes a problem in their relationship.

If a person also has the quality of establishing dominance as well as making mutual consent, it adds to the attraction.

In essence, Webster says, "The quality we have of getting along with everyone is the best of our personality traits."

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