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Monday, September 7, 2020

Here are 10 best antivirus software for Android

 Here are 10 best antivirus software for Android

 Android is the most used operating system in the world. Therefore, there is a great danger that Melesius will target it. To avoid this danger, the user should install an antivirus app on their Android phone or tablet.

You are doing a lot of work from your smartphone. This is what you are doing from mobile banking to online shopping from the same phone. In this case, injecting malware into your phone can have very deadly consequences.

Today we are going to tell you about the best antivirus for Android phones and tablets available in 2020.

1. BitDefender Mobile Security

BitDefender Mobile Security is good antivirus protection. It has anti-theft and top-notch antivirus capabilities. The app received an integer in the recent AV test roundup. Compared to other important antivirus, it offers a 99.9 percent protection rate.

It provides real-time protection in Google's Chrome browser. And its autopilot feature makes intelligent recommendations for security actions according to your device's system and usage pattern.

It has a very attractive privacy advisor tool, which also provides a security layer to your smartwatch through wireless technology. It alerts you if you forget your phone and leave it somewhere.

Even though it is not so exciting, the VPN is also an additional feature.

Due to its antiseptic capabilities, this antivirus helps you locate and lock your phone remotely.

It also sends messages to your phone or tablet. You can remove all the details in it even if you are away.

2. Norton Mobile Security

Norton's mobile security app has many features. It has App Advisor as well as the Vets app to prevent possible privacy risks.

Talking about its other features, it has a call blocking feature to prevent spam phone calls. It also has a WiFi security feature that alerts when the device is connected to an unsecured wireless network.

It also has an anti-theft feature that allows you to lock stolen or lost phones remotely and delete details.

All the features in it are very attractive in terms of security. But this app is very expensive. Even at a discounted price, this bit is as expensive as Defender's antivirus.

3. Avast Mobile Security

Antivirus company Avast has brought another quality app. It's not just a passive scanner. It has also been given a good rating by an independent testing lab.

It also has an attractive anti-theft system that can remotely locate and lock your lost or stolen mobile phone and even remove data.

It also has a junk cleaner to free up storage space and a 'RAM boost' to speed up your device.

This app was once paid but is now free. Currently, it is run by advertising. But you can get its ad-free service by paying a small monthly or annual premium fee.

Another useful premium feature is in-app locking. Your device will ask for a PIN code before you can open any of these apps. This protects against malware from launching apps such as Internet banking.

4. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is another high-quality app that keeps your Android device safe. Available for free, this app gives you a very attractive level of security.

Since Avast bought ownership of AVG in 2016, its antivirus engine is similar to that of Avast. But it's not like Avast's antivirus.

But it has a very strong core antivirus protection and anti-theft feature. Like Avast, it also runs on ads, but for a small fee, you can switch to an upgraded version.

Many additional features can be found in the paid Pro version. It also has a lot of anti-theft capabilities such as the device locks itself only when the SIM card is changed and it has a photo vault to keep the photo safe. It also has an app lock and a WiFi security scanner. It has additional privacy settings to block callers.

5. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is a reputable antivirus company like BitDefender. Its security app also has some smart features like top-notch malware detection.

Not only does it have tight core antivirus security but it also has some heavyweight anti-theft capabilities. It also allows you to take photos from a distance to find out who is using the lost or stolen phone. It can even set the alarm on and off remotely.

It also has attractive features that support Android ware to simplify security management. This app is available for free. But the paid version has better useful features.

Anti-phishing protection is also available in its premium version.

6. Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus

Trend Micro's Android antivirus app scans for malware before downloading or installing any new app. It will also prevent newly installed apps from accessing other applications. This is for device admins and parents Very useful.

It also has a built-in privacy scanner for Facebook, which alerts you if your profile reveals any sensitive personal information.

It has many features like web protection, anti-theft, wifi checker, plus system tuning utilities for parental control, pay a guard to secure online banking or shopping transactions, etc.

7. McPhee Mobile Security

McPhee is another popular name when it comes to antivirus software. Apart from the antivirus scanner, it also has other functions. It also has an anti-theft ability.

In addition, this app can scan whether any app leaks sensitive information or not.

It also evaluates the security of the WiFi you are connecting to. It also has additional features that help your phone run better, clear storage, and boost memory and battery.

The free version is ad-supported. But you have to pay a fee to use the ad-free premium version.

8. Sophos Intercept X

Sophos' antivirus app is completely free and has no ads. On this basis, it is very attractive. According to a report by Independent Lab Test, this app is 100% good and strong in terms of antivirus protection.

It scans the app for malware. It also alerts you to the app's ability to leak dangerous content and sensitive information. This antivirus can also schedule regular scans of files and folders.

Another great feature is that it has a secure QR code scanner. It checks for potentially dangerous URLs.

Any app that supports Google Authenticator can use multi-factor authentication. It also has anti-theft features like another antivirus.

9. Ahab also three mobile security

South Korean company Ahlyab's security app is as popular as any other app. According to AV tests, its detection rate is also very good for Android malware. It provides 100% protection against danger.

It is also on the list of the best performer app. On the plus side, it works well on older Android devices.

It has a built-in booster to speed up phone performance. It has a privacy cleaner to safely delete browsing history. It also has a walking gallery for privacy advisors and personal photos.

10. Avira Antivirus Security

Abra's mobile offering is another security app. In the case of the antivirus engine, it has received a very good response from independent lab tests. The free version is ad-supported. But it has many features.

Permission Manager is a very useful feature that rates applications in terms of privacy.

The Identity Safeguard feature checks to see if your email address data has been leaked. It provides information about the details of a leak. It has features like an anti-theft, remote triggered alarm.

Its app lock feature helps to remove sensitive information from any application. It also has a VPN integrated.

The premium version can be used without ads. It also automatically blocks malicious websites.

It supports hourly updates. It also quickly updates the microphone and camera protection to prevent others from spying on you.

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